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Extra Large Coffee CupAfter a whirlwind week, I feel like I have just stepped out of a time warp. I have missed this post more than all the others with A to Z and the 30 Day Challenge. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Clyde is bursting at the seams.


Over the last two months, I have proven I am not the only one talking around here. A few thousand comments passed without me saying a word, especially in May. I have said it before, yet it still seems inadequate:

You are the best audience anywhere.

You surprised me with some of the LOVE!, shares and the interesting things you said on social media about the 30 Day Challenge. Good grief! I laughed until my cheeks hurt over some of them. You absolutely are the reason I do this.

Many thanks to the new subscribers and visitors who have come compliments of FTP and the Widowed Blog Hop.


If you have not been to the FTP page, what precisely are you waiting for? Some new authors will debut in this quarter’s FTP. Talk about talent! I love the themes to the words. I adore the twisted things flashers do to the theme.

So far, your favorite of my flashes this quarter is reservations. Yes, it is a twist from what you may have been thinking with a book named Flashes from the Bistro.

This is your personal invitation to start flashing. So far, there are a number of authors who were surprised by the profit share portion of the book. If you have not already picked up the first three books, now would be a great time to grab a copy of them all. The authors appreciate your support.


When I suggested to Val we should visit the SPAM Museum, she literally said, “You want to go where?” So far, your favorite of the trip posts has been Wombie Heaven in Minnesota.

I am humbled by your reactions to Stereotypical Palaver. It really is up to us to make this abomination go away.

There will be a few other posts which hinge on the Minnesota trip. There are just a few things I still have to say, although I think Clyde could go on for a few months with his observations. IJS.


Half Past Dead

Half Past Dead

A few of you know there will be a revolution in Maison de Dwyer over the next two months. We are going to begin a 40-hour per week schedule of therapy. This will be the most intensive treatment in their lives. This week has been filled with assessments and many other appointments.

The SIB was filled with questions this week about how it would change the way M3 and RP operate. The short answer: It really will not. It just means I will be doing things at different hours than before. Since I live on virtual time anyway, I do not see there being much in the way of upsetting the apple cart.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Clyde has had a bone stuck in his craw for a bit over a year. That would have been about the time Little V was denied for Medicaid. The one person who makes that decision showed her profound understanding of the handicaps she is charged in protecting by saying,

Well, she may have outgrown her autism.”

Cricket Chirping


Despite state agency diagnosis and active treatment records, she took the word of someone who had spent a total of 10 (count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) minutes observing Little V as she did her usual protective helicoptering of her non-verbal, little brother. In her estimation, if Little V could shepherd her brother (another child of which she had no knowledge), she would be “just fine in a classroom setting”.

I was wrongThis same person attempted to issue a retraction and corrected assessment after 30 minutes of direct interaction. A few months later, she tried again when I (in a fit of unmitigated revenge) refused to prepare my children for their interaction with her. She got the full force brunt of autism in siblings without any ABA intervention. I hated it because it was equally hard on the children.

Little Ms. I-Know-More-About-Disabilities-Than-Everyone-Else determined, despite a psychiatrist’s report, pediatrician’s report, psychological autism assessment showing a clear 6 on the autism scale, two speech pathologist’s reports, pre-approval for a PDD waiver and two independent interaction reports beside mine, that an unqualified someone who had never spent any qualitative time with the child would be the only one unbiased in the entire shooting match.

Fast Forward

The Early Autism Project came for a visit yesterday. The lead was very surprised Little V came right up to her (with Bacchus on the leash) to ask who she was and why she was here. What did that lady have to say?

When she walked up, she did not look like she had anything wrong with her. Then, she opened her mouth. No doubt in my mind: She is autistic.”

We go on Monday to reapply to the same person who issued a denial five months in the past (I got it in April dated November.) for additional coverage for Little V to supplement the coverage she has for the first three months of the waiver.

Enter Ape

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

Bean counting aside, how is it plausible to have one person decide (and also handle the appeal) whether or not a child is qualified for disability insurance? Moreover, how can guidelines be set up where the decision is made based on the single dissension when there are nearly a dozen in favor?

It is enough to make an ape wonder.

Until next time,

Red Signature

At what point does bureaucracy become corruption? Should children who require the most therapy be denied because they will cost the system the most?

Thank you for all of your support during my hiatus.

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  1. Just keep trying. I think it is mandatory for them to reject you the first time. It is the politcs.
    Bo Lumpkin recently posted..Electrifying News from KRUD-TVMy Profile

    • Were we talking about the Fed, I would agree. It is mandatory there. They rejected my husband with a life expectancy of only a few months at the outside.

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