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The first M3 book giveaway was a success. Three packages, all addressed to winners, went to the post! What do you mean, “What was in them?” Did you miss it?

Three participants won in the M3 Book Giveaway for Emma McClain’s Poems from Still Waters Running Deep

Click the image to get your copy.

The winners are:

Alexandra Heep

Alexandra’s Heep of Everything is a great eclectic place to enjoy music and fun.

Granny Gee

Happy Colors and Granny Gee is where to discover Gloria’s artwork and learn about her son and grandson while she walks the path of grief for her son.

Prenin the Cleric

Prenin’s Little Page is a slice of life from the UK.

Even if you did not win this time, keep entering. M3 has a load of books to giveaway over the next few months. The current contest is in  the right sidebar under the million word meter!

If you would like to give your book away, you can earn 25 entries in a contest. Email for details.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

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  1. w00t!
    Red Tash recently posted..Video FailMy Profile

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun.
    Alexandra Heep recently posted..You Might be a Facebook Addict if:My Profile

  3. Congrats winners!
    Wendy Reid recently posted..20 Awesome QuotesMy Profile

    • More of these to come! Ought to be thinking about sending me copy of yours to giveaway!

  4. I really like that photograph and cover.
    Binky recently posted..Sticks And StonesMy Profile

  5. Yes I certainly did miss it, and the rest I hear you say and digging your long nails into my ribs as a friendly gesture 🙂 😉 lmao

    I agree with Binky the cover for this book of poetry is certainly a worthy choice and I too congratulate those that are receiving one of the copies, I am sure that they will be thrilled when they receive it 🙂

    Yes I am going to be doing a bit of back-tracking next, well I can’t have you sticking those fingernails in too deeply you know 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • You probably deserve it!
      Valentine Logar recently posted..I am Mute TodayMy Profile

      • Yes you are probably
        right on that one Val 🙂 😉 lol
        And how nice it is to see you
        here again, I do hope that it
        is a very nice afternoon and
        that you are looking forward
        to an evening of wickedness 🙂

        Well I only said 🙂 lol
        You know I am kidding…

        I hope 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

    • I sharpen those claws everyday…right after my hooves. Lots of people like the art on this one. Makes me wonder what I am going to put on the front of Mantra’s book.

  6. Thanks Red – it’s sooo nice to win something! 🙂

    Lots of best wishes to you Emma – you deserve it hun! 🙂

    God Bless!

    prenin recently posted..Thursday – Medication and shopping dayMy Profile

    • Hope it will not get hung up in customs too long. Usually takes about 6-8 days to get to where you are 😉

  7. I am so happy to be one of the three, to win Emma McClain’s …..Poems From Still Waters Running Deep. Thank-you from my heart!

    Granny Gee
    Gloria Faye Brown Bates recently posted..Patches Of Darkness…My Profile

    • Thank Bear! He chose the winners. The stinking software picked the same person three times!!

  8. Yes, I had missed it too.
    Congrats to the winners!
    And I agree with Andro who agreed with Binky. 😉

    Hugs xx
    Deb recently posted..For Andro: In The Darkness of the NightMy Profile

    • It is a popular opinion! Not to worry, Deb. There are many more contests in the works. An autographed copy of my book is up for grabs at the moment and there will be more to follow! {HUGZ} xxx

  9. How did I miss this? A Contest? That’s what happens when you’re keeping the nose to the grindstone, head down, eating cookies and dodging flak in the corner office. “:)
    Raymond Alexander Kukkee recently posted..A Heap of Garden UpdatesMy Profile

    • You are another one who could net 25 entries for letting me giveaway one of your books!!


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