Day 4: Bullets

Welcome to my world: The Bulleted Version.

  1. Children sneaking first breakfast. (0630)
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Snooze button
  4. Get out of bed
  5. Make cup of coffee
  6. Reset coffee pot
  7. Decide I do not want to know the name of storm which destroyed bedroom
  8. Send Little V to turn off beeping snooze alarm
  9. Brush teeth
  10. Team clean bedroom
  11. Derail children’s version of second breakfast
  12. Make omelets (0800)
  13. Smoke a cigarette whilst opening email
  14. Growl about breakfast dishes on table while checking forums
  15. Answer the telephone
  16. Second cup of coffee
  17. Demand furry children go outside, breakfast is over
  18. Read comments, reply
  19. Surf blogoshere
  20. Change ads (It is time for the Bearman Charity Challenge.)
  21. Send three text messages
  22. Make bed
  23. Start wash, fold clothes, distribute
  24. Marvel at dishes in sink, break down, wash
  25. Answer door, take box, open box, grin, put away
  26. Pack into now empty box
  27. Get off telephone
  28. Gather students, begin lessons (0900)
  29. Set social media for next week
  30. Answer eight questions
  31. Washer to the dryer, fold, distribute
  32. Take dog outside
  33. Count to ten, three times
  34. Jot notes in Mantra’s notebook, she is slacking
  35. Explain dipthongs, again
  36. Pop popcorn (After all, it has been a whole two hours since anyone ate.)
  37. Make a game out of math lesson
  38. Write on the wall
  39. Erase wall, draw picture on wall
  40. Check email, answer 6
  41. Comment on blog
  42. Social media spread two posts
  43. Eight text messages
  44. Translate six sentences into French, painstakingly enunciating
  45. Answer telephone
  46. Two text messages
  47. Send children and dogs outside
  48. Get off tele to get children and dogs back in the house for shoes, repeat last bullet
  49. Cup of coffee, write post, schedule for September
  50. Retrieve progeny from yard
  51. Washer to the dryer, fold, distribute
  52. Bag garbage, put in truck, load children (not with garbage)
  53. Take trash to recycling center, return home
  54. Water flowers and trees
  55. Prohibit onions from entering house
  56. Fix lunch, cup of coffee
  57. Serve children and dogs lunch (1200)
  58. Process orders
  59. Washer to the dryer, fold, distribute
  60. Answer tele, check email, answer 4, ditch 18
  61. Make 13 comments
  62. Get Playbook, write poem
  63. Instigate game with children
  64. Calisthenics and ballet
  65. Sweep kitchen
  66. Stand at washer waiting for it to finish
  67. Washer to the dryer, fold, distribute
  68. Answer tele
  69. Clean bathroom
  70. Put away clean dishes
  71. Do lunch dishes
  72. Have discussion with 9-going-on-17-year-old
  73. Call realtor
  74. Look at new listings
  75. Call police, we have not spoken in a while
  76. Pack two boxes
  77. Put away lunch dishes
  78. Cut up snack (1500)
  79. Answer door, get package, open package, get on tele, big grin
  80. Music lessons
  81. Vacuum
  82. Make pot of coffee, wonder who left empty carafe in machine, realize it was me
  83. Drink TAB while coffee brews
  84. Dogs outside, cup of coffee
  85. Take a survey on who wants to go out to dinner, unanimous vote (1700)
  86. Make everyone change clothes, brush hair/teeth, put on deodorant (OMG what do they eat?)
  87. Get in truck, answer tele
  88. Detour to shopping, spend just enough
  89. Go to (?) restaurant, agonize over menu, resort to salad and baked potato
  90. Order ice cream, pay, tip, leave (1900)
  91. Stop at grocery for cold items and produce, go home
  92. Dogs outside, children in tub
  93. Comments, email, forum, check on orders, updates
  94. Answer tele, make two calls, 23 text messages
  95. Children out of tub, jammies, second dessert
  96. Brush teeth, party of five to bed (2000)
  98. Image software, create, bounce back and forth for email
  99. Write post, schedule for July
  100. Disconnect outside world (2200)
  101. Make cappuccino
  102. Write in novel
  103. Edit FTP
  104. Rearrange hard drive
  105. Draw bath, set up laptop
  106. Soak in tub and write (2330)
  107. Pamper self, jammies, put away laptop
  108. Grab Playbook, head for bed (0100)
  109. Play word game (in the dark)
  110. Toss Playbook
  111. Sleep (0230)

What did you do today?

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  1. Would you believe I spent all day reading your list? It’s shameful. I don’t do what you do, so the answer to your question is: I failed in comparison.

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