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Guest Post: When I started…

When I reached out for guests posts this time, I had a theme in mind. (Quelle surprise, non?)

It is live!

Christy Birmingham

Show of hands, who knows the estimable Christy Birmingham?

Writer’s Spotlight: Mark Roush

Red was icing a tray of cookies in the kitchen whilst Claret was pouring cocoa into mugs. She wondered who was coming to the Coffee Shoppe today who would want cookies in the shapes of mouths and eyeballs. When the wind howled through through the dining room, Red knew Mark Roush was in and wondered […]

Day 3: A Book


To say books have influenced me is an understatement. I have a difficult time pinpointing the books which have influenced me the most and keep the reminiscence positive because far more books have influenced me negatively than positively. Overall, the net result was positive since I learned what not to do.

Writer’s Darklight

Red came through the door and was surprised to see two figures, but it was just Gail Thornton and Claret in the Coffee Shoppe. Claret poured rich espresso for the two of us and set out some chocolate crullers. Red pulled up a chair and took a sip. I couldn’t wait to ask her all […]