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Mantra and The Blues

howling wolf

What happens when the fiery fae decides to tackle prose? The blues.

Day 10: Shuffle

My music player is, like most everyone else’s who chose what is on theirs, reflective of my style, mood and humor. Shuffle gives you a good cross section… at least in theory.

Musician Spotlight: Marc Amendola

If you have not been to the Coffee Shoppe to rock with Fear The State’s new single, you have been missing out! Red grabbed Marc Amendola (Vocals, Guitar) to check in on what he has grooving and shaking. M3: Marc, say hello and introduce yourself to the M3 Readers. MA: I am Marc Amendola, producer, songwriter, […]

Musician Spotlight: Come Back Buddy

The original roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll are blaring in the Coffee Shoppe this week with M3’s feature: Come Back Buddy. Red took Mike Randall (lead vocals, guitar) to the side to ask a few questions about the band, the music, A White Sport Coat and what it in the works. She kept a grin […]

Musician Spotlight: Novachild

The M3 Coffee Shoppe has been grooving to the richly unique sound of Novachild. Red jumped at the chance to interview Bruce Rich about the album, Havia. Bruce spilled quite a few personal and industry beans in the process. M3: Give the M3 Readers the professional snapshot as an introduction, Bruce. BR: Novachild, helmed by Bruce […]