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Day 26: Daisy Petals

Burning Heart

I can pull the petals out of the daisy and often end up with an equal number. So, let’s keep this one short.

Day 25: Who worries?


I am not a worrywart. I do not worry in the traditional sense of agonizing over the potential outcomes.

Day 24: Giggles & Snorts


I rarely laugh at single words, but I think I can find five.

Day 23: If only…


I have more than my fair share of people I miss. I do not attach to things in the ways others do, so we are going to twist this a bit and not talk much.

Day 22: Curriculum Vitae


I find this one redundant after Like, Totally, Dude, but in keeping with the challenge, I have a twist in mind. What do you mean you are surprised?