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Insult to Injury

One of the least talked about forms of abuse is intellectual abuse. Most often thought of in terms of belittling one’s intellect to make them feel ignorant or shame them with perceived stupidity, intellectual abuse is far more varied than simple name-calling. It is a combination of both emotional and verbal abuse which targets the victim’s intellect.

Sticks & Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” For the record, this is a lie. Words are one of the most destructive weapons we use against each other. When you look closely enough, you can see the psychological bruises they leave the same way you see a black eye or […]


Time for Talk Tuesday. M3 has featured some of the original reasons we are attracted to Mate and how that attraction begins. How is it we move from those things we initially find attractive to the qualities which keep us in a relationship for a lifetime? This is your chance to talk back!

Leaving on Platform 12…

You recognized it was wrong. You stopped doing it. You made a plan to do something far better, or at least a plan to avoid it in the future. You are waiting on…what, exactly? This is the kind of test where not showing your work gets points taken off your score.


We have discussed many of the factors and scenarios which lead couples to divorce court. Before we head into the next series, I want to know what your opinion is. You have provided many ways where problems become abuse. You have also provided many solutions to circumvent divorce through self-realization and situation assessment.