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Never Expected

For those who have haunted The M3 Blog for a while, you are familiar with the tributes we pay to those who die. A number of memorials are tucked amongst the posts. I have lost many over the years, both here and before. Another joined those ranks recently, but a memorial is not on the […]

Dear Shoes

Shoe Closet

I will never admit to owning more than 100 pair. That’s my story.

Going in for the Win

The Social Director

So, when it is time to get together, the social director is normally on the ball.

Right Now

Carpe diem. Live for the day. Seize the opportunity. Which one is yours, and where do you apply it?

Saturday Evening Post


How is it the first week of the year, albeit one of the shortest, could be so long? Grab a blanket and a cuppa since it is frigid. Clyde’s goose bumps are all lined up. Let’s talk.