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Nay, Neigh, Nay


When you hear the hoof beats of a nightmare in your sleep, the heart palpitations match the rhythm.

Day 16: What if?


Since this is not something I say with any kind of regularity, perhaps the photographs will say it for me.


AMBER alerts save lives. When a child is missing, the more people looking, the faster the child is found. If your child was missing, how many people would you want looking? If it did not cost you anything, would you sign up?


Emergencies and natural disasters are universal. There is not a single place on the Earth which is immune from inclement weather or human disaster phenomena. We have discussed ways to make a difference after the fact. Can you make a difference before disaster strikes? Time for the Thursday MAD post.

School Shootings: Protect Your Child

playing possum

In the wake of a new school shooting, many parents are struggling to find ways to prevent their children from being victims. Although history bares shootings in school settings are rarer than airplane crashes, arguably their effects are more devastating. There are effective ways of preparing children to avoid their becoming victims.