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The Reality of the Working Poor

The roots of the M3 Blog are set in a foundation of saving money. The information on the early pages of this blog are still visited daily by those seeking to put something, anything, in the kitty. For many of them, it is not the rainy day for which they are saving. They need the […]

I’ll have Death with that, on the side.

Can you name an industry which went from $6 billion to more than $120 billion in less than 40 years? How about one whose primary advertising target is children who will grow up to be parents whose children will also be consumers?

More Kitchen Nightmares

“Oh, doesn’t it smell wonderful?” “It looks delicious!” Then, you stick the spoon in and taste. You wonder what vile thing crawled into the pot and died. There is too much of something.

Kitchen Nightmares

Why is it the only time you cook a complete abomination is when you have dinner guests arriving in 22 minutes? Because when we rush we make mistakes. Sometimes it is the difference between a soup which looks like cabbage water and a stew. Other times, it is the layer of fat on the top […]

Congrats. *sigh*

Loneliness is hard. When we are married, loneliness can sometimes be even harder. One of the most isolating events in a relationship can be a celebration. You win! Again. Success is something everyone wants. But what happens when Mate is the only on succeeding? Do you patiently and dutifully lead the cheer from the sideline? […]