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Mirror, Mirror

Everyone wants to feel as though they are important, at least to one other person. How one projects the desire could make or break a friendship.

Reserved Parking

Make a Difference

It is Thursday, again. Time for a MAD post. We all want respect. To get it, we need to give it. In order to give it, we have to refrain from judging based on our own misconceptions. Just because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there. Just because you can see […]

Who is Driving This Flying Circus?

If you have toddlers, you are certain (keep telling yourself) teenagerdom cannot be worse than the Terrible Twos. If you have teenagers, you have no doubt why some species eat their young. Quite frankly, only one question comes to mind: Who is driving this flying circus?

Read it to me, again…

Look at your shelves. How many books are there? Have you read them all? One’s cover is hardly hanging onto the spine. That one, you cannot read the spine because it is broken in so many places. This one’s so dogeared, it will not lie flat. What of these over here? Some, so pristine, while […]

Going to the ER…Now.

Emergency rooms are designed for people with injuries and illnesses which require immediate care. Still, some question whether it is appropriate to go the ER or wait until Monday, or their next doctor’s appointment. Top 10 reasons to go immediately to the nearest emergency room: 1. Major loss of blood Any condition which bleeds for […]