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Despite what may seem appropriate given the title, this post is not about writer’s block. Or many of the blocks which benefit or plague the author. Instead, we will be discussing mental blocks.

Early Saturday Evening Post

It is hotter than Hades in Texas this week, although not as hot as it is in other venues. Grab a cuppa of something sweet and cool. Let’s talk.

Prompt: 20 Questions

question marks

I want to get to know you. You have set a limit of 20 questions. This is what inquiring minds want to know.

Prompt: My Favorite Texts

blackberry cell phone

In an age where conversations have dwindled and texts are favored over talking via telephone for myriad reasons, there are some texts which are head and shoulders above the rest.

Prompt: Fun Date

buffalo nickel

Confidence is attractive. Humor is attractive. I am confident in my ability to be a fun date.