Dear Valentine

Fractal Art Red DwyerYou know I hate Hallmark Day. Still…

Dear Valentine,

I need to introduce myself. Red Dwyer, how are you? I am suppressing my urge to answer “Alien” for you.

Over the last few years, I have managed to make Valentine’s Day easier for a few people, mostly with my utter lack of participation in favor of japes and jests against the entire charade.

I am of the school of thought it is perfectly acceptable to say I love you every day to those around us. I am the first one to pick up a snarky card or that perfect whatever-it-is the recipients would love but never buy for themselves to send someone just so they know they are on my mind. On the other hand, I wonder about how many trees are killed for those glittery abominations slathered in pink and lavender and red.

In your defense, someone told me Valentine’s Day should be celebrated because the cards say all the things an unpoetic self wants to express. I got a cramp in my eyebrow just listening to it.

Call me old fashioned if it makes you feel better. The thought of flowers snitched from the neighbor’s yard or a power tool or freshly caught fish, filleted and cooked to perfection or a, well, never mind, makes for a much more powerful I love you than anything in the commercially packaged world.

Want to know something funny? I much prefer to get my I love you on a random day which ends in Y so I know it came from the heart and not a calendar.

Still the same old

Red Signature

Do you celebrate in the prescribed Valentine way? Can you write a letter a day for a month?

A Month of Letters

Month of Letters

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Yes, I know this is late. I am trying to keep them in order as we catch up the idiotic mistake I made which led to them all being stuck in the hopper. Thank you for squinting and pretending we did this right the first time.

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  1. There are many of us of the same mindset. I think there might be more of us than are known. Perhaps if we all staged a walk out on this stupid day, we would make a violent impact on Hallmark.
    Scarlett Baker recently posted..Mine, IntroductionMy Profile

    • I think we outnumber those who empty their wallets each February. Swing by the Green Room and leave a link to your blog. xxx

  2. I prefer to dance down the aisles of red and move all the cards to the Sympathy section.

    Valentine Logar recently posted..Godless LiberalMy Profile

  3. I haven’t had a Valentine’s card in my entire life, although in my youth I DID send out cards and lived in hope only to be endlessly disappointed… 🙁

    In the end I just gave out love and caring and, occasionally, it was returned. 🙂

    Love and hugs my friend!!! 🙂

    Prenin recently posted..Wednesday – Quiet Day.My Profile

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with all of it.

    To answer, no, and not now, thanks.

    As for the one who gave you the elbow cramp, I would suggest, if the Hallmark poets are so much better at saying what they feel, a pen, and a piece of paper, and a few minutes at the Hallmark aisle in Walmart would provide them with years of dandy little quotes and funny comments to put on a card they made themselves…. Just a thought, but, perhaps that is too much like taking personal responsibility for one’s feelings for them to feel comfortable plagiarizing the sap artists…



    gigoid, the dubious

    gigoid recently posted..Sweet sorrow, my ass….My Profile

  5. Yes I must be losing my touch, as I didn’t get a Valentine card this year, actually I didn’t get one last year either but hey not to worry, I can always look back on the hundreds that I used to get 🙂 lol

    Have a happy and wicked Thursday Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Now, I have a hard time believing you did not get an inbox of naughty, I mean, Valentine-y things. LOLOL! xxxx

  6. I’ve been of the same mind for years now. It’s just another reason to spend so close after Christmas. Have you noticed how big it’s become?

    First week in January I went into the store to buy my granddaughter a birthday card. I was assaulted with two aisles front and center as I walked in the door. One for Valentine displays and the other St. Patricks.
    Tess recently posted..Day 18, Part 2 – More YangshuoMy Profile

    • It irks me to no end, the rush. It is so lopsided. Back to school takes less than two weeks. Hallowe’en three, if we are lucky. 01NOV is the Santa quest and 01JAN begins with Cupid. Such utter nonsense. xxx


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