Dear Whine

swissNo, my lovely oenophiles, it is not misspelt.

Dear Whine,

All of my friends know to ask if a fine cheese should accompany you. I, lover of inappropriate humor as much as appropriate, find no humor in it at all. (Full Stop)

On the days when you are around, I hold the stare which is oozing tacit sarcasm. Why, you ask, do I hold my tongue? As odd as it may seem to any who know me, my speechlessness is entirely appropriate. Any answer you receive is merely fodder for another chorus, when the first was enough to curdle my stomach contents. Surely, another verse would pickle my brain.

Every once in a while you attempt to wheedle your way into my larynx. I have considered having it surgical steel plated against such an affront. See, I have never been a fan or willing participant in regression.

In a world where language challenges abound, I simply cannot abide resorting to using you as an effective tone of voice. Since my acting skills are severely lacking, I cannot even pretend to employ you to coerce actions from those I believe should act of their own accord.

In your entirety, I find you the most obnoxious of passive-aggressive tendencies and at least as pervasive as guilt. To your credit, you have made me imagine some of the most diabolical superpowers I could use to eradicate you.

With a wicked grin, I am

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  1. Mon petite mademoiselle le Rouge,

    To answer the queries as I fly by; to the former, thankfully, not any more. To the latter, not this month…

    gigoid, the dubious, S.L.I.S.A.T.

    gigoid recently posted..How DOES it feel Tehachipi?….My Profile

    • The first time I did this challenge, I did it in May. I did not find it until then. I absolutely never ever want the first question.

  2. oozing tacit sarcasm

    Now that’s strong stuff

  3. This gets applause and a I simply love you that is all.

  4. Did I mention that I love this posting? No… Well I do, and thank you for being such a wicked and sweet young lady with limitless appeal 🙂

    Okay time for a cuppa, I will add cookies and we will enjoy a bit of this, that and the other 😉 🙂 lol

    Andro xxxx


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