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Your non-spambot captain has decided to turn off the no smoking sign and allow me to hi-jack M3 for the day. She’s doing well, no alien or any other type of abduction; just a well deserved day off, if you can call it that. You realize her mind never takes a vacation, and she’s managed to get Finding the Path published on top of everything else.

So while she rests, we’re going to chat. The topic of choice? Decisions. Are you ready to face the reality, or you going to be the ostrich?

Decisions are the hardest thing in the world to make, but the easiest thing in the world to let someone else do it for you. The problem would come in when you resent the decisions; little things like requiring you to be and act like an adult who takes responsibility for their own actions because you are.

clock amberThere are decisions to make from the time we first pop our heads into the world, and they do not end for us until death greets us. There are those that are thought over until they cause our heads to spin, and then there are decisions that we make on the spur of the moment. The ones we make in the moment, like a one night stand or leaving our other halves in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on our backs, are the ones that we cannot turn back from.

Those are decisions in the moment, or the straw that broke the camel’s back. One is more fun than the other. Deciding that the one you are with is what’s killing you is a matter of paying attention; there is a reasonable chance it was obvious to everyone but you for longer than you’d care to admit.

All PackedYou know that you should leave them, but you put it off for more reasons than you care to acknowledge. The childlike whines and lack of reality make you want to punch them in the face, but you bite your tongue and bide your time. Do you stay for the children? When they are grown what is the excuse? Do you stay out of fear of having to get off of your fat ass go be self-sufficient without a net?

What happens when someone else is making all of your decisions? Do you have the urge to punch them in the face or simply pull your own hair out? When the decisions are for your child do you get more irritable? Do you talk until you’re blue in the face or exile them?

In the end the decisions we make, though we think they are only taking a toll on ourselves, take a toll on the ones who love us, depend on us and, in the end, trust that we are worth the time they have invested.

Laurie Childree

So you know who’s driving this flying circus…

When is the last time you made the decision not to give a damn about the wagging tongues of busybodies that have nothing better to do and leave the things that make you miserable?

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  1. This is the story of my life…something I have slowly been deconstructing in my little blogging bubble at the Candy Jar.

    That being said, I’m finally to a point where wagging tongues mean very little to me. On the other hand, my own wagging tongue is still an obstacle to overcome.

    Great guest post. Red will be proud 🙂
    Candy recently posted..Happy AnniversaryMy Profile

  2. This is a wonderful guest post, Laurie. I came to the very decision to leave 34 years ago amidst everyone but my family insisting I was making a mistake. It came down to strength and a leap of faith that I would survive somehow even though I couldn’t fathom it. I have to admit now I blamed myself for the failure. Now I know the part I played was immaturity and the other one’s part was abuse of my emotions. Your post is thought-provoking and will help readers to consider where they are in any life decision process. Once we have made a large decision, all of the other decisions come with conscious intent; which is what being an adult is all about.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Flash Fiction – ErraticMy Profile

  3. Anyone needing me to make a decision for them, I am happy to oblige
    Bearman recently posted..Party PooperMy Profile

  4. I made the leap thirty years ago and haven’t looked back. I thought I had to make it work and tried. Hurt on top of hurt made the decision for me. Tired of listening to tut-tutting from family, I realized I had to save myself and my daughter.

    I supposed reaching bottom was my decision maker.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – ErraticMy Profile

  5. I’ve always joked that in my marriage, I am responsible for making decisions on all the big problems, and my wife makes decisions on all the little problems. So far, we’ve had no big problems…

    All kidding aside, the family decisions are much easier to deal with when communication flows nicely among everyone involved.

    For me personally, the most difficult decisions I face are work related. As a financial executive, I sometimes have to make decisions that affect people’s livelihoods, and that is perhaps some of the most gut-wrenching decisions that make me lose sleep at night. I am not saying that family decisions might not be just as traumatic and difficult, just that in my own life, I’ve not had to deal with those.

    Very thought provoking post Red.
    Phil recently posted..Dialing the Clock Back for AutumnMy Profile

  6. This is a very good posting and definitely a praiseworthy offering while Red is taking a well earned rest and some relaxation.

    I guess that most times the ruling force in a dominant relationship is so strong that fear sets in rather early and so the weaker partner suffers instead of biting the bullet and moving on. Yes children do make the decisions much harder to face, what will become of them, are they going to be alright? Lots of different scenarios flooding the mind and each thought of leaving contemplated but all that is needed is the courage to leave, start afresh and learn from those years of hurt.

    Of course it is always easier from afar to say what one should do in these situations but the real courage is in the doing, and by the person that it is actually happening to.

    Hard choices in life do not come easy to some, but when it happens it changes a life forever.

    This has been a wonderful read Laurie.



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