Day 24: Giggles & Snorts

I rarely laugh at single words, but I think I can find five.

One of the things my travels has produced in great abundance has been people who do not enunciate. Other than the pet peeve, what I can find inordinately hysterical is when the pronunciation is a massacre which makes me ask the person to define the word. When the pronunciation is that bad, I cannot even grab the meaning from context.

You up for a game of questions?


1. This is a machine.

2. Chances are good you have used one on at least one end.

3. Even if you do not have one, someone you know does at home or at their business.

What is it?




1. It is a river in Louisiana.

2. The 22-mile bridge is called colloquially “The Whiskey Bay Bridge”.

3. Its basin floods and fertilizes sugar cane and rice fields.

Have you been there?

Pronounced ah-CHAFF-ah-lie-ah

Pronounced ah-CHAFF-ah-lie-ah


1. It is in the hardware store.

2. You own quite a few.

3. Your refrigerator has one.

Any idea?

Idea Light Bulb

Eureka! A Bright Idea!

I am laughing too hard to think of two more.

What words make you laugh, pronounced correctly or otherwise?

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  1. benzeknees

     /  May 29, 2013

    I was born & raised in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. There is a road there with a not so unusual name. But for the life of me, when stopped one day & asked for directions, I could not figure out where this person wanted to go. They asked for directions to Pip-a-leen-ee Road. The actual name of the road . . . – Pipeline.


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