Flash in the Pan

The application filled out? Check. Does anyone really remember all of their addresses? Or what day they start a job…six jobs ago?

Copies of identification? Check. Wow! Why don’t people brush their hair before they get their picture made which will be them for the next four years?

Urine sample? Check. Yuck. It’s still warm. Is cold any less disgusting?

“Congratulations! You are hired.” The human resource manager was taken aback by the vigorous handshake from the appreciative applicant.

Why does anyone try to become a surgical test subject?

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

This week’s word is check. Tonight’s entry weighs in against September’s maximum of 125 words at 89.

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Happy Flashing!


Would you ever volunteer to be a guinea pig for the medical community (drugs, diet, surgery, procedures)? Are you grateful people do? Have you ever considered donating your body to science?

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  1. (Psst……picture mad?)……..I know several people I would like to donate to science, the genius that developed the program that keeps eating my file and appears to have finally destroyed it so I have to rush to do it all over again would be one of them.
    Laurie recently posted..Sunday and a Flash In the Pan to Kill Some timeMy Profile

    • Dumb question if I change the website each time will it show the latest post for the different site? or if I just put the profile page will it automatically add the latest from which ever one I did last??

      Maybe I should just visit the green room and add all three in one comment? ?That might make more sense…..or find a platform I can work and not forget the login to and combine them all..
      Laurie recently posted..A Short for FTPMy Profile

      • No to the profile page. Yes to the switching of sites. And finding a platform would be best. 😉 All of them need to be in the Green Room. Do go leave a comment.

    • I think he is a great candidate. Psst…thanx.

  2. I plan to donate my body to science. There is a large brain bank here in Boston, and they lost half their specimens to a cooling system problem. If anyone is interested, contact Mclean Hospital in Belmont. I hope that my body will help with the study of polio and its late effects, and bipolar disorder. I especially want to give someone the gift of sight, wow.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – Something ElseMy Profile

    • I am going to donate my body for whatever it may bring. My deal is use everything which can help someone else and study the rest of it.

  3. Nope. I’ve never considered being a guinea pig for science. I can’t even imagine what information might be left out of whatever testing they were going to be doing. Oooh, scary.
    Mysterycoach recently posted..~ Letting a Woman Like YOU go … ~My Profile

  4. I’ve thought about being a guinea pig for science….why not? Who knows….I might end up with bigger boobs….hehehe
    Wendy Reid recently posted..Le Clown’s Blogroll Contest – Help Me Win!My Profile

  5. I have considered donating my skeleton to the local medical school as long as they wire the bones together and call the bone rack “Mr. Kukkee” and speak reverently without giggling. “:) ~R
    raymond alexander kukkee recently posted..Flash Fiction: CheckMy Profile

  6. —Yes,
    I would def. donate my body to Science…

    But I want to make sure I’m wearing Lipstick First!

    Xxxx Love to you, Sweet Red.
    My Inner Chick recently posted..When You Call My Name-It’s Like A Little PrayerMy Profile

    • I simply cannot imagine you WITHOUT lipstick 😉 Much love, Kimmy. I will be around soon to see you <3 xxx

  7. No, I could not donate my body to science, it’s too messed up. Besides, telling me posthumously what is killing me slowly is not going to help me then.

    Guinea pig? I’ve felt like that already. I react weird to just about any kind of chemicals/drugs, so no thank you.
    Alexandra Heep recently posted..Balancing the Energies in our LivesMy Profile

    • LOL! They need the ones which are not healthy to study! I am with you on the weird reactions. What should make me tired keeps me awake and hardly anything does what it should.

  8. I’m a product of science gone wrong gone right!
    But that’s another story.
    Binky recently posted..Birthday of AgesMy Profile

  9. Wow weird thought – can you imagine wanting to donate your body to science and they say no? Talk about rejection. ack!
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Magpie’s Treasure; The CreekMy Profile

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