Flash in the Pan

The car was covered in snow. He had been sitting outside the diner for three hours before he spotted her.

The moment she was inside, he set to work. Rubbing his hands together as he jogged back to his car, he wished he would be able to see it happen. With a grin, he thought of his redheaded alibi across the state line. Maybe he was in for a fireworks show after all.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

Welcome to the first week of the Summer 2013 Flash in the Pan. Will you be joining us for this edition? Flash from the Bistro has a deadline of 30JUN13. Stop by the Official Flash in the Pan Page. Some rules will be different this quarter. All of the new words are listed for those who want to get ahead.

This week’s word diner. The word limit for April is 75 words, and this one sneaks in at 73. What will be happening at your diner?

Do not miss the Hot Flash! The first one is already live.

Happy flashing!

What was he doing? Who is she? What fireworks?

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  1. He’s putting a bomb on her car. They’re married, the redhead is his mistress, and she’s going to help him commit murder only to get dumped in a river somewhere.
    Laurie recently posted..Diner (75)My Profile

  2. It looks like one, or possibly two, of them are up to no good, Red… although I’m not entirely certain who! Very intriguing!
    Tom recently posted..DinerMy Profile

  3. Well I don’t think he was planning a surprise birthday party for her.
    Binky recently posted..Life’s ExpectationsMy Profile

  4. Oh my, some people are just wrong in the head.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Overrated, Certainly NotMy Profile

  5. this story intrigues so many questions 😉

    there are new rules? I better look at the page right away.

  6. Ah Red,
    One day I will ‘flash’ but not today. 🙂
    Phil recently posted..Matrimonial TestimonialsMy Profile

    • I believe when you do, you will find you are not so far removed from fiction as you may have believed. Flash is quite fun.

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