Flash in the Pan

The checklist was complete.

The car was washed. The tools were put away. The clothes had been burnt. There were no telephone records, no written evidence and no witnesses. Vinny could not help still feeling paranoid.

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

No, this is not a Hot Flash. With an upper word limit in January of 75 words, this little number comes in at half, 36 words. The flash word for this week is paranoid.

The third edition of Flash in the Page is kicked off. There has already been a Hot Flash issued. Did you miss it? Stop by the Flash in the Page page (on the lower menu bar) to see the words for spring. We are exploring feelings in a way you may not expect… and doing it in less than 150 words at a go.

If you would like to join Flash in the Pan, all the directions are listed on the page. The first edition is available at RedmundPro. Hover your mouse over the Book Store and click on the RedmundPro Free Book Bin. That is right! The first edition is free for download now.

Happy Flashing!

What is Vinny cleaning up? Should he be paranoid? If it was you, would you be paranoid?

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  1. Now that is definitely Paranoid 🙂

    I really like this one Red 🙂 😉
    Have a lovely rest of afternoon
    my wickedly great friend 🙂

    Geoff xxx

  2. oh so dark .. If Vinny was a woman it is possible that the paranoia comes form the impending arrival home of an azzhat spouse – just saying and even as a man it could be that too…excpet the clothes burning ..i never did that 😉
    Love much <3
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge; IlluminationMy Profile

    • Always burn the clothes. You have no idea how much microscopic evidence they can really hold. Forensics 204. xxx 😛

  3. I love this one, too. Your ability to eliminate all unnecessary words is remarkable. This one is rich, dark, and brooding. My cup of tea!

  4. You just blow me away. Where the HELL do you get all this inspiration?!
    Noeleen recently posted..Who is She?My Profile

  5. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re NOT out to get you!!! LoL!!!

    Vinny sounds like he has reason to be…

    Beautiful piece hun! 🙂

    prenin recently posted..Sunday – In Homage to Red.My Profile

  6. With a name like Vinny, he undoubtedly should to be paranoid.
    Binky recently posted..Snow DayMy Profile

    • Occasionally, I need to find different names for characters than the way I initially wrote them. Not this time!

  7. Can’t believe I miss this. Very short an yet very palpable
    Novroz recently posted..The Mighty Boosh LiveMy Profile

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