Flash in the Pan


The taxi ride back the hotel exacerbated the nausea. Her stomach felt like it was full of stampeding gazelle, all horns and sharp hooves.

“Honey, if I had known you were allergic to curry, we never would have gone there.”

Between stomach-churning belches and scratching the hives, she glared. “You wonder why I am having reservations about marrying you?”

Welcome to "Flash in the Pan"

Welcome to “Flash in the Pan”

The word limit for March is 75 words. This week’s word is reservations. Remember, the theme this quarter is Flashes from the Bistro.

Today’s entry comes it at a mere 59 words. Are you flashing with us this quarter? Click on the Flash in the Pan page beneath the header for the whys and wherefores and the list of words. See anyone you know yet? You will find plenty of fun blogs there and on the past FTP pages.

If you are new, stop by RedmundPro and pick up a copy of the book which started it all. The ebooks are free everyday.

Happy Flashing!

Have you ever had food poisoning? Are you allergic to anything? Should this be something a fiancé knows?

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  1. Excellent scene in only 59 words!!!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..L is for… LISTENING TADPOLESMy Profile

  2. And if you’re allergic to gazelle, you shouldn’t be eating them, either.
    Binky recently posted..Attack of the VegetablesMy Profile

  3. Love this.

    And sad someone is allergic to curry.
    Candy recently posted..The Cement BridgeMy Profile

    • Hahaha! I believe it is my least favorite spice. I have the sneaking suspicion is was done incorrectly, which is why I did not like it.

  4. oh man yes i remember having this particular fish for first time in Goa,yikes rest of the vacation was spent gulping medicines and applying lotions..
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..Horn OK Please, cos Honking is fun!My Profile

  5. Perfectly funny use of reservations! Would that more of us had reservations about marriage, just think how many attorneys would be out of work.

    Valentine Logar recently posted..Spring Flash FinaleMy Profile

    • I think we should start a movement to threaten the job security of attorneys the world over. An excellent suggestion! <3

  6. I’d have reservations too! Ha ha. I especially like the horns and hooves in action. Poor thing.

    OMG. I hadn’t noticed the theme. Where has my head been?
    Tess Kann recently posted..A woman of inspiration. A read of struggled beauty.My Profile

    • LOL! I have had that same herd of gazelle. When you see the whole word list, the theme will be really obvious 😉 xxx

  7. your flash always makes me smile 🙂
    fortunately I am not allergic to any food.

  8. Luckily, I’m not allergic to curry, Red. Unfortunately, I’m not allergic to curry either… yum!
    Fun flash!
    Tom recently posted..ReservationsMy Profile

  9. Not surprised that she has some reservations, he obviously needs to spend more time listening to her.
    Phil recently posted..Matrimonial TestimonialsMy Profile

  1. Reservations | Me! Me! Me me me!

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