This is only a test.

There will be no read more. You will get this all in an email, if you get here by email.

It has come to my attention my alleged host is serving cached versions of M3. If you get this post via email, please come leave a comment. Even one word comments are enough. I am gathering evidence. Could you lend a click?

If you get to M3 and see this post organically, please also comment. I am gathering reports of M3 Readers seeing pages days late. Please help me nail this down.

I appreciate all you do for me and M3.


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  1. I don’t get e-mails, so I am not sure I am helpful. But, here is a comment for you.
    Derek Mansker recently posted..The Lego Jar (11/3/12) – More cardboard, but never boredMy Profile

  2. Red, I’ve not been receiving any emails from you for a while I’ve just noticed!
    It’s more than likely due to the fact that when I got my new computer I changed my email address and probably didn’t update things over here, but I can’t remember (!) … so I’ve ticked the box again now for any new updates.
    Tom recently posted..The Superhero Diaries 1.8: SuperwikiMy Profile

    • Okay, I will check. I am pretty sure you have to go to your profile and select “Receive periodic email”. They only go out on days I post @ 2000EST. Your new email is not listed. You need to put it in the box on the left. If you are signed into Gravatar with the old address, let me know if it shows you as already registered, and I will add you.

      • I’m having a ‘couple of issues’ Red!
        When I click on the box on the left to enter my email address, I get taken to the page advising why I should subscribe… but when I then click on the box there, I opens another version of the same page. I somehow managed to get my email address in and received a message saying a confirmation email is on its way… but I haven’t received anything yet. I tried again with the same response.
        I may not be giving the system enough time to send the email out to me, but I may have also confused the system by entering the email address in twice. I do things like that with computers.
        Is it possible for you to add me?
        Tom recently posted..The Superhero Diaries 1.8: SuperwikiMy Profile

  3. I get a daily summary e-mail with the total number of new posts for the day. Comes to me at 8pm every night. Usually I just click on the first link to get directly to the article, so I overlooked this. But the e-mail did contain a link to this page as well. I’m not sure this is what you are looking for, so I will forward you the original e-mail to see for yourself.

  4. OK this came in the email with People Suck just now. Why are my update emails behind the posts?
    Laurie recently posted..Tuesday FTPMy Profile

    • They are not. If I post after 2000, it goes out in the next batch. I did not post this until nearly 2200. It is right. People Suck went out this morning.

  5. Received via email (with the notification for the People Suck post).
    El Guapo recently posted..Trifextra – Why I WriteMy Profile

  6. I don’t see this page, so I’m not leaving a comment.
    Binky recently posted..Hope LaughsMy Profile

  7. I got the email hun and the people sucks one too, so I’m answering both.

    God Bless!

    Prenin. (4th November 2012, 02.42am)
    prenin recently posted..Friday – A love letter from Doug.My Profile

  8. Red, I got the email. Lisa
    But I have noticed an RSS glitch when your emails come in, not sure what it is. Also, I think I signed up for email and RSS because I get the post (some) twice. Good luck with your investigation.
    Lisa Neumann recently posted..The love in you is bigger than the addiction in youMy Profile

    • The RSS post or the email post? I can explain the email post twice, but the RSS, not so much. Are you RSS through Google Reader or Feedburner?

  9. Yes I got it via email, and your reply came through email as well.
    Sage Doyle recently posted..“Notice”My Profile


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