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It seems the time of year has come for us to engage in a tradition, which if you are not already partaking, you will enjoy. Do you have a suit handy? Swim. Wet. Birthday. Choice is yours. No seat belt required.

Today’s Music

Mind the volume…but never let it be silent.

Do press that link and come back to this tab. It will set the mood. Junior Brown is a name you should know, and if you do not, you will definitely recognize the tune.

Where it all began…

So Monday, I was Running Naked With Scissors with Lizzie when Ginger Snaaped, “Oh my Gawd, just do what I say!

Very gently, I asked, “Ginger, what did you say?” She replied,

I think it was Edward Hotspur who pointed out it was going to be on non-romantic Thursday not date-night Saturday, but it could have been Linda Vernon‘s comment we were having Foolishness on the wrong day since it was not Friday. Either way, it was apparent we were embarking on this celebration on a different day of the week. She suggested a dose of Vitameatavegemin to boost our strength. Alex said she was up to extraordinary Foolishness, hold the meds.

Le Clown said we should have Foolishness every day of the month and make it into a Movember-ish festival instead of merely a one-day celebration, and According to Mags, more is always better, in punny sort of way.  White Lady in the Hood suggested a block party with a fish fry. The fabulous Miss R suggested we burn, which I still think is a hot idea, even if the Fire Marshall poo-pooed the plan.

When we started talking about entertaining Foolishness, Carrie Rubin thought perhaps we should have hired a rocket, but she wasn’t sure if everyone had had their shots. Kanerva said, “Bungee jumping is a good idea.” Six words. Go figure.

Joe Hoover brought up skydiving, as long as we did not have to take a train to get there.  Brian Tomahawk mentioned something about evil overlords, but we nixed the idea of costumes. HE Ellis said as long as that scoundrel Santa did not show up, we were golden. Joe Beans was convinced a pirate theme was the way to go, but someone in a uniform said that would be an HR Nightmare. Benzeknees just did not want snowy Foolishness.

Wonderbutt approved menu.

Love & Lunchmeat was concerned with what we might serve to all the celebrants and downplayed the idea of Christmas sausages. Old Dog, New Tits thought Brussels sprouts would be a bad idea but recommended something made with ketchup. Madame Weebles giggly asked if we could serve mashed potatoes. WhatIMeant2Say told us Wonderbutt would eat anything, so whatever we decided was fine. Betty Ranted something about keeping him out of the drunk cranberries though.

Kayjai brought wine to calm her nerves after the chairlift, so the conversation veered slightly as we listened to The Cheeky Diva‘s haiku about Foolishness. A Frank Angle questioned the obvious lack of limericks in all of the Foolishness. Ginger Fight Back was busy on the tele attempting to get the Pope on the line. Surely, we all needed supernatural help with this Foolishness.

Suzanne and Elyse went into the Green Room to decide if all this Foolishness was an addiction or merely a fixation. Whatever they decided, we absolutely needed a killer soundtrack or at least cool tunes and fabulously, foolish videos.

It was time to start decorating. Kari was busy painting everything blue, since it reminds her of the surfing and the ocean. Wy said anything was better than the grey of the peas, and Sandipaints was considering a mural for the occasion.

Wait, what? What do you mean What were you planning?

The Greatest Foolishness Ever

We are all frequenters of El Guapo’s Friday Foolishness (the Internet’s immediate companion to Friday Follies). What we finally decided was to have a blogosphere-wide party to see if we could possibly bend space to get everyone there on time. So far, it seems to be working.

And YOU are invited! Today is El Guapo’s birthday, even if he has no idea how old he is. We are celebrating another year of Foolishness as only he know how to manufacture it, and has been as long as M3 has been here.

Now, we have to come up with the perfect present for him.

Vote soon and vote often, but vote before 23:59 EDT (GMT -6) 21DEC12 because lots of people think the world is coming to an end before we stuff ourselves for the next holiday. Let me know who you are so I can sign your name to the card on the right present.

Surf on over to any of the links above and below for more birthday Foolishness, but be sure to stop by El Guapo’s to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Guap, to you from the Beatles…

And for a little snark…

And because no birthday party is good without cake, The Three Stooges…

Happy Birthday, Guapo!

I hope you and TMWGITU have a fabbo time, and you only see this message days later!

Wish El Guapo “Happy Birthday” and see what everyone else is doing. Stop by Guapola, The Asylum within the Asylum…and Music! to see why we do Foolishness every Friday!

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  1. Red Rock!
    No … Red, YOU Rock. Great work my dear and Happy Birthday EG!
    Miss R recently posted..A Plethora of Foolishness: A Guide to El GuapoMy Profile

    • I think we finally might have enough foolishness to go around *grins*

    • Yes happy birthday El Guapo, hey Miss. R great to see you here and I hope that you are being good, or else? 😉 lol

      Yes and that means you too Red 😉 🙂

      Andro xxx

      • Wait, what? We are here to be foolish!

        • Yes but not to be too naughty
          unless I am here okay 🙂 😉 lmao

          Then you can be as naughty and
          as wickedly unbridled as you wish 😉

          Andro xxx

          • Well, that sounds…wait, I am not all the other times. Now, who is editing this thing on the fly? We need to fire someone. 😉

  2. Everyone listed in this post is welcome to leave a link the The Green Room (up on the top menu bar). Get found. 🙂

  3. Great post, Red. What fun.


    THIS is the bestest present ever. (Wouldn’t you know it, 6 words again 🙂 )

    Well done to putting all of this together.

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