Mantra Miffed

Mantra coldYes, you noticed. Mantra boycotted yesterday. In fact, she would not sing. She did nothing but pout. This morning, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

She is intimately aware I schedule three hours per day for contingency where I can take care of the OMG! WTF just happened? events we all have. She decided to swing the lantern until it crashed in my cup of coffee. The keyboard is sticky, so she enlisted the PlayBook. Apparently, she is going to embrace the new technology in what I can only describe as an insane twist of events.

Today is never a good day for me. Perhaps, before it is my turn for the eternal nap this body desires that will change, but for now, it is what I face every year on the 12th day of March.

I stopped to pass this along because it is what she chose for today, after having flatly refused to participate yesterday. Although it was neither the first or only poem I have written today, it is appropriate. Forgive me if I am not my usual, jovial self today. I shall return in due course.


Today, you would be seven.
Flowing crown of strawberry hints
Amidst the flaxen ringlets.
Lithe little girl limbs swinging
In chasing play with siblings.
Party hats of plumes and leather.
Pirates and fairies with spider webs
And a squid wrapped ’round
The flickering chandelier.

Today, I kneel beside a pink and black
Marble marker, cold and smooth,
Making sure it continually lets
Strangers know you were.
Wanted and loved and cherished
By family, father and mother.
Not just today, but everyday,
You are remembered and missed,
My tiniest angel daughter.

Virginia Elizabeth Dwyer grave marker

Happy birthday, Virginia. May today be filled with sunshine and joy. I will always love you.

Do me a favor. Pick up the telephone or get in your car. Tell your child the three most important words you will ever say:

I love you.

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  1. So sorry for your loss, Red. Your words are achingly poignant. God bless all little children.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan: Amazed, Intoxicated, ArousedMy Profile

  2. I know all about “in the morning, however, she was a different story”! 🙂

    3 hours per day for contingency? Man, I need to learn from you!
    noeleen recently posted..Just, fine.My Profile


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