All Gritching Aside…

Some days, all I do is gritch from the time I awaken until I drop from orbit. Oh, so abject honesty? Most days.

Then, there comes a day where nothing explodes, no ego implodes from peer pressure, no catastrophe wriggles through the telephone cord or Internet fibre optic. Just peace.

At the end of that day, almost all the other days when I felt like a casualty are not nearly so bad because they are in the rear view mirror. Why?

I have these diminutive humans who believe even at my gritchiest I am better than an orphanage.

to the beach

I have even more diminutive humans who I can spoil and send home with the ones who are formerly diminutive humans who lived in my home.

I have a best friend with whom I rejoice, cry, laugh, philosophize, sigh, desire, rant, dream, salivate, shoe shop, travel, commiserate and otherwise plot to overthrow the world.


I have a roof over my head which does not leak and is under contract for air conditioning repair year round.

I have a vehicle which can take me home.

Truck with Attitude

I have these furry babies who are convinced I am the alpha-bitch, fortunately.

I have a CrackBerry who remembers all my friends’ time zones, so I know which number to dial at 0426 when I need companionship.

They all live in my CrackBerry.

I have more than 10,000 photographs, in case I cannot find Memory Lane on GPS.

I have a laptop with five letters on the keys (and grooves where my fingernails go) because I write more than my doctor thinks I should.

Typing Hands

I have doctors who care whether or not I have, take, need or want meds, a Sadist, bed rest or a bag of saline.

I have an audience who has enjoyed, had a need satisfied or been consoled by my books.

Red Dwyer's Books

I have another audience who laughs; is confounded, confused or gobsmacked; and returns to The M3 Blog to see what I pull out of my hat. A few of them are members of the other audience.

I have as much coffee as I can feasibly drink in a month without an IV bag.

Extra Large Coffee Cup

I have a Momma who calls me everyday on her way to work.

I have a Poppa who calls me when Momma does not call him.


I have jeans which are too small to wear because I am not hungry.

I have Grinch pajamas, (Grinch) robe and (Grinch) slippers so I stay snuggly warm.

Red Grinch

I have a UPS driver who reminds me the outside world is filled to brimming with stuff to make my life easier or better or more productive.

I have goose-down pillows.

I have to get up, why?

At the end of everyday, I resolve I am definitely a have.

What do you have? Have a wonderful evening.

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  1. Right now?

    I have you.

    Valentine Logar recently posted..Fall Flash 9My Profile

  2. gmail has my email in 3 columns now: primary. social, and promotions. I do not know why but your notifications are in promotions. I usually delete all never looking so I do not visit so often unless I catch it.

  3. If everyone gave thanks to the positives in our lives then the negatives would be obliterated, but then life is not always so simplistic.

    I think optimism and a drive to push through the everyday trials and tribulations makes us stronger, builds our character and keeps us sane, when all around us the world has gone quite mad.

    I love those grinch pyjamas and I am not surprised either, being that I have already seen them 😉 🙂

    Hey everyone stop being so
    naughty… Have a lovely Tuesday Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • LOL! I take more pictures in my pajamas than anyone would ever know. *grins* You are right about optimism. 😉

      • I am waiting for the next batch 😉 Have a wonderful rest of Wednesday and I love the burnt orange on your Space, it looks so rich and inviting 🙂

        I still need to call back into RP when I get chance, I haven’t forgotten about your 2nd Space I have just been extremely busy offline lately.

        Andro xxxx

        • Aye, I understand entirely. I have been coding for the last four days on a 300 page project and have nearly finished two books in the last three weeks. I completely understand busy, as I prepare for a project of more than 1,000 web pages. See you in the War Room. So many new faces for you to meet! 😀

          • I will be meeting them soon, I hope 🙂
            Right now that I am just about to leave for the evening I want you to have a relaxing end to yours, so that means laptop closed, computer turned off and a nice cup of something hot while you unwind 🙂

            There is always tomorrow my dear 🙂

            Andro xxxx

          • I am getting to the place where I will be closing it to read for the rest of the evening. I hope yours has been enjoyable. 🙂

  4. sorry been absent this weekend. Who loves that shirt. I LOVE that shirt!!
    Bearman recently posted..Is there a Social Media Posting Frequency Sweet Spot?My Profile

    • LOL! She does, too. When she is going to wear hers, she makes her brother put on his as well. Spreading some Bearmaniac love to Myrtle Beach.

  5. Oh, Red, this post made me teary-eyed, but in a good way…such a beautiful post of gratefulness…I feel very grateful, too, even though I have my “days” too! But, I have to tell you that I love your “hands” photo! Your nails are beautiful and I love your rings and it’s just an awesome photo. I’ve seen it before and have thought the same thoughts! I also love your adorable children, your words about your parents and your Grinch pjs! Oh, and your car…love the eyes! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve visited, but I just can’t keep up. But I never forget you and will eventually make it over here! Anyway, sending hugs! 🙂
    Lauren Scott recently posted..DirectionMy Profile

    • And you will be welcomed each time you are here with open arms, Lauren. Thank you! Little V took that picture of my hands. It is on the author’s widget on I have had those eyes for years. When I bought my truck, I was thrilled they were not far too small for the windshield. With its lights on, it makes a great face. <3 I am so very glad you got a chance to stop by for this one. xxx


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