Dear Retirement

When I was 19 years old, I decided I wanted to retire when I was 35. I missed my date by six weeks because I retired just after my 36th birthday. Retirement has been most everything I thought it would be. Dear Retirement,

I am glad you were not any later than I originally scheduled you, promptly after my midlife crisis. Had you waited much longer I would not have enjoyed you nearly as well.

The first couple years were filled with travel and fun with my children and grandchildren. To be fair,  it still is filled with children and grandchildren, just not quite as much travel. (She says knowing there are more than 10,000 frequent flyer miles before the end of summer.)

You have kept me modest. I do not spend money the way I did in my youth, as I recognize it as the finite resource it always was. Then, I did not understand salary is the corporate term for fixed income. Now, I understand it at one quarter the amount I had before.

Over the years, you have taught me to sleep. Once upon a time, I would forego the sheets to do nearly anything. Today, I will get in the bed voluntarily, provided Mantra stays still in the lantern… unlike tonight. Overall, I believe it is good for the body I have left and the sanity to which I actively cling, lest they both decide to abdicate simultaneously.

Fuel is a necessary commodity. You have taught me to shorten the amount of time I prepare it when I do it alone. You have shown me how to take hours in the kitchen preparing a meal which will be gone in less than 30 minutes. I no longer resent that time because there is someone else in the kitchen: taking notes, reading the recipe, playing sous chef or just being attentive.

Before you came along, I worked for hours on end doing what now does not matter. I knew the adage We were here before you came along and will be long after you leave. It is true, you know. Where I worked still stands without me. Well, most of the places anyway. Now, the hours I work leave a memorable mark on the world and those who will be here long after I am not. It was a good lesson.

And now, I must bid you adieu. Seems there are things in the mix which need attention and attending. If you have not fathomed your worth at this juncture, you shan’t.

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A Month of Letters

Month of Letters

This year I participated in the Month of Letters. I was not entirely successful, as I found the challenge after it had already begun.

For an M3 twist, I am writing a letter a day for the month of May.

Are you retired? Did you fulfill your plans for retirement? Do you have plans for your retirement? What are they?

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  1. Great to see you, Red! Hope all is well.

    I’m just waiting for the lottery commission to approve my retirement plans…
    El Guapo recently posted..A head is an awful place to live.My Profile

  2. Red,
    Good to see you back; I wondered why no emails… To answer, Yes, I am: got a good, solid start on that: many more plans yet to be formed, after getting through the many still on queue…

    All of which is a short version of a long story, I hope… I spent two.five years after first retiring in 2010, at age 60, living on a small fixed income, then got fully retired with SS too, so was able to travel for much of 2013… with lots more places yet to go in this wide world…

    I like the letter idea; the art of writing them is becoming lost in this digital age, I’m afraid. I used to write a lot of them, but, now I only write my blog, and emails.. which, in my case, are long and involved, but, not the same as a holding a letter in the hand….

    Any who, before this turns into yet another long diatribe on my part, let me just say, welcome back…

    Take care, Red-san, & Blessed Be

    gigoid, the dubious
    gigoid recently posted..An Andorean warrior, curiously in mufti, stares in wonder….My Profile

    • Ah, Ned, the post before this would explain why I have been missing for so long. I am very glad to see you have not gotten lost in the shuffle, and your diatribes are always welcome. Happy trails and may you see all the places of which you have dreamt. xxx

  3. Been retired for 8 years. Fixed income really restricts but I am content with books, blog, occasional time Miami Beach, grandkids and all the endless doctor visits for this test and that with mid 60’s requirements – lotta work.

  4. I am glad you are writing again, I have missed you. Retirement? Meh.

    I like working, like the challenge.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Our Lost SoulMy Profile

  5. Retire…how would I fill my days? haha
    Bearman recently posted..Mick Jagger Can’t Get No SatisfactionMy Profile

  6. We often spend a great deal of time and effort concentrating on things which ultimately don’t matter very much.
    Binky recently posted..Embracing NatureMy Profile

  7. Nice to see you!
    I wish I had known about retirement before I started working for a living. 🙂
    I’m going on eight years soon and can’t believe how busy I am. I mostly resent not having enough time to read, but of course, there never will be enough time.
    Tess recently posted..100-Word Challenge for Grown Up – Week # 133My Profile

  8. Retirement means doing what you want instead of what they expect. I’m there.
    John McDevitt recently posted..Busy Making Music with My Harps aka HarmonicasMy Profile

  9. Retire, you? Never, you’re too fired up for working until the candle fizzles out, a night owl and with a gruelling amount of work at your station your days run into nights always, okay so you are wicked, so what I know that but wouldn’t have you any other way 😉

    That’s one way of looking at it but as I am always hinting at, more relaxing times and meandering along would also be good, slowing down is not stopping and you never do that anyway so what am I wittering on for? Just do your thing and we will always be here my sweet friend, one post or ten posts we love you Red 🙂

    How do you mean what
    am I blathering on about ?) lol

    Andro xxxx

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