Dear Sanity

I, Red Dwyer, being of sound mind and frail body, do hereby declare this to be… Wait, I have to put this under oath? Let’s be more rational then, shall we?

Dear Sanity,

You have to be the flightiest substance on the planet. Despite disclaimers to the contrary, you are not standard issue to all humans. You are not parceled out in equal measure to each and every person who comes to call.

In your defense, I can say unequivocally some people intentionally toss you out on the curb. There are a few people who enjoy life without you far more than with you. Those would be the people who make my grasp on you akin to holding couscous in a sieve.

Next are those people who only have a passing knowledge of you. They attempt to live in a mirage where you and they are as close as lovers entwined in a passionate embrace. You and I both know you would not be caught dead in their presence much less ringing an endorsement on their behalf.

After that come the ones who are modest with you. One will partner with you for work, but leave you to your own devices during their personal lives. Whatever their aversion to threesomes, your absence explains the never ending spin cycle of drama.

Scant few try that scenario in reverse. They take any job on offer, despite the damage to the soul. In intimate moments, they use you to rationalize why having a personal life is detrimental to their well-being.

My real portrait

My real portrait

Lastly, are those in the pool in which I swim. Your cool logic rules the day and the night. I am far from perfect at extending an invitation to you in all my endeavors, regardless of your willingness to always ride shotgun. Pardon my brashness for the times when I vehemently demand you stay home whilst I ride off into the sunset of reason.

Let’s make a safe word so I leave you behind on fewer of the occasions where you can be my Gatling gun against the inanity. So far, my raised eyebrow, gobsmacked look is not working as a tacit invitation. Those are the times I most want you to step up and say, I got this one.

Enough for one day. Let’s lie down. Perhaps, you can make some sense of the dreams in which you have not starred recently. I could use a good night’s sleep.

Still plugging,

Red Signature

A Month of Letters

Month of Letters

This year I participated in the Month of Letters. I was not entirely successful, as I found the challenge after it had already begun.

For an M3 twist, I am writing a letter a day for the month of May.

Where do you keep sanity? Ever lose your grasp on it, even for a moment? What would your safe word be?

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  1. Hey, I resemble that remark or three. I think we could have written this one in tandem, you in front and me in back or well I will just ride on the handle bars…..wheeeeeee

    Valentine Logar recently posted..Some Good ThingsMy Profile

  2. I’ll be back, no Arnie reference intended, to comment tomorrow…. For me, sanity is a slippery slope, upon which I’ve spent far too much of my life, with reason as the only belaying line, to help me transverse the scree that always sits on that particular slope…, and yes, there are times when I’ve cut the line myself… But, that’s a story for another day…. Safe word? Hmm…. How about, Duck! (in the “hit the floor sense”, not the feathered fowl sense….) (although, that image, too, can be useful….)

    I know, obscure, but, hey, it’s late, & I’ve been in pain a lot today; which is why I’ll give it more attention later….

    As one who has viewed the state from both sides, as therapist and as therapized, it’s all too familiar in all its guises, too much so to hit squarely in one sitting…. Good letter, though, if a bit over the heads of many, I’d guess…

    Ta, then, luv… no worries, eh?….

    Blessed Be….
    gigoid recently posted..Precious moments of subtle grandeur…..My Profile

  3. Ah… Sweet Sanity. I have vivid memories of when I lost it completely in 1985. It was not frightening, which makes the memory of it all that much more horrifying because of the abyss I stepped over and the thoughts and actions which followed.

    I don’t have to fight to hold onto it anymore, gladly.
    My mind may not be exciting like a thrill ride as it was then, but I appreciate the calm and tranquility now. No drama for me, thank you.

    Drama isn’t always what surrounds us, but also what lies within. Chaos can be self-perpetuating in the mind leading us to perception distortions. When we see and think clearly, drama falls away to sanity.

    I still have my moments of distortion but they are less and less likely to leave a wake in their appearances.

    A salute to this post and the thinking process it evokes in me. You are always on the cutting edge of reason and sanity in your observations and direction, dearest Red <3

    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – On Hold to ParisMy Profile

  4. Sanity is a slippery slope. I thought I lost hold but decided to drag it back at the last moment. The result of letting go would have done more harm than good.

    Glad to see you back, Red.
    Tess recently posted..Day 2: Are We There Yet?My Profile

  5. Sanity can be overrated. And even in our most sane moments, we are probably just deceiving ourselves.

  6. I keep my sanity in my underwear drawer under the fancy boxers. Just kidding.

    What does sanity really mean? A sane person is same as the majority of people (even if they were insane).

    My take on sanity is being at peace with yourself. Peace with the world will follow (I hope).

    So, sure I’m sane. And I’ve probably lost it at times. But how would I know?
    John McDevitt recently posted..Busy Making Music with My Harps aka HarmonicasMy Profile

  7. Lie down? I just got up from a nap

  8. First of all I love your self portrait and yes that is definitely you with your fiery red hair and sexy look, hey never mind anyone noticing my wickedness I am speaking the truth and I don’t care what anyone thinks as they muse over my thoughts 😉

    As for sanity, we are what we are and anything extra is a bonus, keeping a rational mind when things go wrong, disappointments and heartaches that test our resolve and so many other hindrances edging into our lives in one way or another but you are strong and your courageousness carries you through each day even when the pain restricts you.

    In my way of thinking one of the extras that springs to mind is for knowing you, your strength of will and the awesomeness and determination that you offer through your writing, and more so your strong commitment to family and friends in everything that you do shows what a lovely young lady you are.

    I know it is difficult for you but do try and slow down a little, relax more whenever the pain allows and be good, I always am 😉

    Andro xxxx


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