Prompt: Dream Job

Over the years, my dream job changed from rodeo clown to author with a ton of stops along the way. Now, I only have one.


A salaried sleeper

Do not wake me.


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  1. Hot dog vendor (with cart) in the tropics on a beach.
    At the end of the day, move the cart near a palm tree and string a hammock from the cart to the tree.
    The cart will need knobby tires.

    • I know quite a few ppl who would be right there with you, Guapo. I will have one with relish. *grins* Great to see you!

  2. Reading. Not writing about it, or, analyzing it, or anything else. I’d just like to get paid for reading. Of course, I do, but not in money, and nobody else will pay me cash to do it, either.

    In truth, I must be a natural dilettante, as, now I am retired, doing only what I wish to do seems like the perfect job, and, that’s pretty much all I do now. Moreover, since I worked for 50 years, I’m still getting paid to do that…

    It’s pretty cool, actually….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. Doh! Forgot to say, your job looks pretty snazzy as well; any openings? I can sleep if I try….


    gigoid, the dubious recently posted..If not four, maybe seven….My Profile

  4. Rocketeer.


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