Prompt: My Imaginary Friend

Whether it is the voice of reason or the devil on your shoulder, everyone has an imaginary friend. Mine is special.


But she sometimes acts like me…

Contrary to immediate assumption, my imaginary friend is not Mantra. Although she has never stated her name, the sound of her voice is unmistakable. Part pixie, part demon and all authentic, she is probably more me than I am. See, where my missing filter is actually just a broken one, hers is altogether gone.

She says the things I keep to myself and is the cause for my out-of-place grin. Yes, I laugh at her jokes on the inside, and the laughter breaks through to the FAB world in the form of a cryptic smile which makes people wonder what I could possibly be thinking.

In terms of fun, she is part playmate, part PlayMate and all in. Whether I want to ride my bike or throw rocks, sew or bead skulls, read or write, she is my personal peanut gallery. At times, she can give me so many retorts I appear speechless in the moment it takes me to decide how many of the things she says are truly inappropriate, no matter how apropos.

We have the best and quickest arguments. Part advocate, part devil’s advocate, all clear. Her opinions are not muddled with the moral, socially accepted nor politically correct. The clairvoyant view into the crux of the matter means we are so often in agreement I view her argument as endorsement. She is the utmost of my unsocial grace.

The only time she can be considered the voice of reason is when I am choosing something which will hurt me. She extends precedent which is always on point. When I do not heed, she reminds me of how much it hurt the last time.

What she does best is listen. When the whole rest of the world is crazy, she knows what I am saying without my having to chew the words into a tasteless paste and spit them into a sugar spoon. She has never spoken down to me. We speak on my level all the time. It has to be the thing I like best about her.


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What role does your imaginary friend play in your everyday life? Is yours anything like mine?

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  1. My inner voice helps me remember what I forget so often and we often hold conversations which usually end with my perusing Google!

    Love and hugs my friend! 🙂


  2. gigoid

     /  May 24, 2016

    SIGH…. Now I’m sad…. My imaginary friend, whom I discovered early was much too evil to allow near anyone else’s reality, mostly served as a guide-post, to show me those boundaries so important to most other people, and which never made much sense to either of us. But, by doing so, he allowed me to appear almost angelic to adults much of the time, save for my maternal grandmother, whose evil side was her public persona, and whom I let my buddy speak with at will….

    Long story short, my evil side was murdered, by some aliens, who escaped justice by fleeing to another dimension, and I’ve been searching for another, ever since….

    *sadly shakes head*



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