The Empty Stage

I have come to realize I do not exist.

To support this conclusion just look at the facts.

1. I cannot see my own reflection. For all the mirrors I own, I can pass them and never know how I look to the average passerby, who always see things I miss, even under close examination.

number 2I cannot see my own reflection. Dedicated to saving the world, in a non-beauty-queen way. I spend my days trying to elucidate the myriad ways we allow ourselves to be abused by those who are inferior. To me, world peace is achieved when inferiority is hit head-on. Shining a Q-beam on inanity in its various and sundry forms keeps people from swallowing the pill which renders them mindless and spineless.

Do not be offended. I have swallowed my fair share of pills. (It will be a feature in May.) I want to stop everyone I know from even holding the pretty pill between finger and thumb.

Day after day, I watch people I care deeply about swallow them by the handful in the name of loneliness, dogma, religion, marriage, family, honor, love, tradition and fear.

3. I cannot see my own reflection. I read a bit of the millions of words to my credit and see the people who have crossed my path. Regardless of how often or much I write what I always believed was common sense, at the end of the paragraph, I never see myself — not penning, not posting, not sharing, not even seeing myself in need of what I wrote — excepting only the rants.

I own those inside and out. Still, they are nothing but bluster. They provide nothing edifying, which is the reason I write. If I am not hitting the mark, I do not exist.

Is it better to admit one only exists in another’s dream or admit one does not exist at all?

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  1. It seems many of us may exist only in the minds of others.

    • I’m pretty sure my hair exists only in the minds of others, 99% women who have short straight hair, because every time I think of cutting mine off, at least 3 strangers will come up to me and comment on how much they like my braids. On more than one occasion, they’ve even asked if they may touch one! I’d probably bite the scissors bullet, but my Gang keep offering to do the honors.

  2. I feel invisible now that I’m no longer appealing to high school boys. And I don’t know WHO is in the mirror. That wrinkled up old thing can’t really be ME, can it?
    Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife recently posted..My Tugboat Man is Gone and I’m BlueMy Profile

  3. Red,

    Interesting query… In order to answer at all, one needs to first make a choice in their own mind, in relation to themselves, else, why bother to reply? And, for many, the process of trying to follow the train of thought will leave them at the station, scratching their heads & wondering what they missed…

    Personally, if I had to choose, I’d naturally choose non-existence; the other choice is a form of giving in to reality’s demands, which, though compellingly insistent, aren’t what I consider to be required fields to be filled in….

    Again with the esotericism…. I like it…

    See ya ’round the net, milady Red….

    Ned, aka, gigoid, the dubious

    gigoid recently posted..Not to worry, it always spits like that….My Profile

  4. Cogito ergo sum.

    I think therefor I am.

    I think…

    Given we do not have direct contact with the world around us, just our five senses, how can we even say the world exists?

    According to science atoms are made up of 99.999999999% nothing, so physically we are mostly nothing.

    SO what are we???

    Love and hugs!

    Prenin recently posted..Friday – Better together!My Profile

  5. I would hate to exist only in another’s dream and I most certainly would never admit I don’t exist at all! I DO exist if only for me.
    Once a person feels he / she is invisible, they have lost hope, I think. They have lost their power, self-confidence, worth.
    Tess recently posted..Xian: Day 8, Part 2 –The Real Terracotta WarriorsMy Profile

  6. It sounds depressing either way you answer this question. I prefer to exist because I have my own identity. If someone wants to put me into some sort of category, that is their own choice and actually reflects more on their image than mind.

    But then again, maybe I am missing the point?

    • This is not a matter of others’ judgment. It is more a matter of not seeing one’s own influence. Are we merely here of our own accord or are we here to influence others? …realize negative influence is still influence.

  7. If we merely reflect simple common decency in our presence in life we have done well.

  8. Lucky for everyone that visits your M3, and of course everything else that you do with a passion it is a pleasure to read you 🙂

    I hope that your weekend was lovely and that you have a great week planned my sweet and dear friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  9. Can’t see your reflection? Are you sure you are not a vampire?
    Bearman recently posted..Underwater GlueMy Profile

  10. Hello Red.. a long time I know.. Reading this post it seems you are your own worst critic. And oh I have swallowed my own fair share of Pills in the past too.. as I came through gar-gar-land..

    Do we exist, well I pinch myself every morning.. And I still say ouch! 🙂 at one time amid the busy life of rushing around in a full time job, bringing up a family.. I would catch myself in the mirror and ask myself WHO stared back.. It didn’t feel like Me..
    Now after two months retired I am at last Finding ME.. and I think I am getting to know Me all over again.. 🙂
    Sending you a Hug and my thoughts Red..
    Love an old friend..
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Journey Within ~PoemMy Profile


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