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The time of year has come when cards are the standard fare in the letter box. Some of them are what we expect: glittery, shiny, cheerful tidings of holiday merriment. Then, there is the card Mantra sent.

Mantra PurpleLike Clyde, Mantra is not so convinced of the happiness, goodwill and joy spread at the holidays, as all too often it is dismissed before the wrapping paper evidence is stowed in the bin.

Like most muses, she is more interested in the integrious portions of our interactions. She has crafted a card sure to be rejected by Hallmark, despite its meter.

Aptly titled A Card, we realize it could have been delivered at Valentine’s Day, Arbor Day or any other made up occasion where we exchange cards. It could have come on any random Tuesday. It just so happens, this one is delivered on a Monday before the end of the year.

A Card

I picked up an envelope today.
I recognized the handwriting.
It made me smile before I opened it.
The stock was cool to the touch.
It reminded me of you.

envelopeGently embossed and velvety soft,
I knew the message would be lovely.
I opened it nestled in my other hand.
The words inside touched me
Because they were from you.

“It has been a very long year,
But it is coming to a close.
I’ve learned a lot about me
Through the things I chose.

Although in all of them
Your counsel was needed
And offered only when asked.
Now, I wish I had heeded.

You’d have kept me from heartache
And pain I brought upon myself again.
I saw it in your eyes every time
You watched me bang my shin

On furniture I had rearranged.
Never did the words cross your lips,
But you would’ve been right to say
I was a dolt for any of my slips.

If I had had the sense to ask you
For the advice you had on offer,
Today would not have had to been
One I will not spend with another.

Being alone is the price I deserve to pay
For all the times I wasn’t there.
You deserve better, someone who
Will always show love and care.

One day, I hope, I will come to you
And ask for something you never took:
Your friendship. You willingly gave it
Even when the ground beneath me shook

Until my fear was all that was left.
I cowered away from who you are.
Even though I love your soul,
I couldn’t compete with a star.

A light shines from you,
Breaking the dark’s spine.
I wasn’t ready to bask my flaws,
But, maybe, with enough time

I will find the forgiveness place
Where I can let the fear go.
When I do, I will come to you;
I really should let you know

I shed the carapace, which
Has weighed me down;
Stopped listening to the whispers,
With their judgmental sounds;

Gave up doing things the way
Only I know how, because
There is a better way than mine.
I will beg you to pause

From your causes and missions
To give me the moment I never
Spared for you, in my folly.
I wish we could be together.”

Your name is scrawled beneath
The crooked heart I have come
To associate with you.

I close the card and put it back
In the envelope for safe keeping.
It will remind me of you

When the months roll past
Without the slightest word
Uttered from you.

They will be much like now
When I am nearby,
But an ocean away from you.

Perhaps, that day will come
When you do appear and show
You became the best you.

The one I always knew.
The one I always loved.
The real you.



Have you ever gotten a letter explaining a break up with a friend or Mate? Are you one who holds your advice until bidden? What is the card you have gotten with the best handwritten contents (IOW, do not answer “one with a check”)?

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Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours.

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  1. I think you should try it on Hallmark, regardless. I think it’s beautiful, Red.

    Merry Christmas to you.

    I mean, how many cards have you smile before you even open them? 🙂
    N’n recently posted..from Daniel&Me to YOU – take 2My Profile

    • I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, Noeleen. I think Hallmark would give me the stink eye 😉

  2. Here’s a poem from me to you my amazing friend! 🙂

    It’s really hard being a fairy.
    I tell you it’s no fun.
    To be stood in a draught in a tutu.

    Love and hugs always!

    prenin recently posted..Monday – Christmas EveMy Profile

  3. A great writing depicting a scenario that most people will have come across sometime in their life,
    aussieian2011 recently posted..Merry Christmas from The EmuMy Profile

    • I believe most all of us have, or will. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Ian. Happy New Year.

  4. Not much on getting cards anymore. I did get one from the Allstate Insurance guy, however.

    • I really cannot count the cards I got. They were from charities and all contained a return donation envelope for their investment in my holiday card.

  5. I am thinking Hallmark wouldn’t know what to do with this you are right. However, perhaps now is the time for your own ‘Twisted Sister’ greeting card line. There are many of us who would run madly to any store for these cards, even if the recipient were to stoopid to understand the message, we would know and be pleased.

    Bright Blessings my sister.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Hard Stop SanityMy Profile

    • I believe you may well be right. Let me get this other one flying, and I will do the R&D. Bright Blessings <3

  6. The only cards I get are the funny ones. 🙂
    Bo Lumpkin recently posted..Merry ChristmasMy Profile

  7. This is sad 🙁


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