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Mantra redMoving from the world of want to a state of need is a revolution. Often, the catalyst for this level of change is deep emotional connection.

The motivation of love is the most celebrated emotional connection, but others are just as powerful. Grief, loss, corporate liaisons.

Mantra leaves you to decide what brings about these Changes.


Do you want something?
I hear your thoughts,
But they are nearly imperceptible.
The stillness is unnerving.
I want to know,
Since you are strikingly capable.

The difference is now.
You have new needs,
Which have changed your perception.
Can you see how?
Before they were wants,
They did not change your position.

The only question remains:
Will you really share?
I can see my ability.
Without a single complaint,
I’ll meet your needs
And change our reality.

What is the catalyst for the change in perception of want to need?

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  1. I’d say that would be perception changes, which may be different events in different situations. All is driven by ego, but when the perception is altered, revolution happens….

    Catalysts are funny creatures; hard to pin down, yet so damn powerful in their effect on us.

    Hope it turns out well…

    gigoid, the dubious
    gigoid recently posted..Incunabula seem scarce this season….My Profile

    • Aye, when the perception changes we often are revolutionized by the recognition of others’ egos, realize we are not an army of one and in fact, have needs which are all those things we thought we did not want.

      And I believe it shall.

  2. Aren’t most peoples’ needs, really just wants? We don’t really need a whole lot.

    • Yes, they are mostly wants. It was the premise of “Bad” (right column link). The few things we need, we often consider entitlements. Strange concept that.

  3. I suspect each change is different, each catalysts is brought about by different energies. Even our age might have something to do with it. For example, once we as women are past the age of reproduction who we choose as partners changes, our responses change.

    Certainly from my own experience, my choices in jobs ‘my need’ in work has changed.

    Loved the poem. But then I always do.

    • You have touched on something I think is neglected and overlooked regularly: As we age, we value differently. I would add another catalyst to that list, the loss of the influential ones in our lives. It may actually become a post on the heels of one in the Widowed Blog Hop entries.

      Glad you liked the poem.


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