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With all of the customer service issues over the weekend, Mantra decided to get in on the game as well. She is such a cheeky wench.

She took to the eternal waiting in a way we normally associate with waiting for the perfect Mate…as we all know conceptually perfect Mate is a fallacy. What results is Whirligig.

Even if the macabre is not your cup of tea, this will resonate with you if you have ever spent so much as one minute on hold or time waiting in excess of one second for anything to load on your computer, be it software or Internet.


There is a skeleton in my office chair.
To its left hand, a vente latte,
To its right, a modem and mouse.

The skeleton sits. Its blank eyes stare.
What it would utter, no one can say.
With what’s on the screen, it’d likely grouse.

A blue whirligig spins aimlessly,
Chasing its tail, but searching for…what?
The moden blinks the wink of mischief.

A smart phone rings, its tone all tinny.
The face reads “Customer Service Bot”.
Did the skeleton just say, “As if!”?

A spider crawls where there once was hair,
Spinning an epitaph just to say:
“Died waiting for signal in the house”



I hope you got a kick out of this one. It was time for some lightheartedness. What epitaph would you write for your computer?

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  1. Hey Red xxx
    Cat Forsley recently posted..It’s Crunch Week ! – Cat Forsley ©My Profile

  2. Boy do I know the feeling!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Cute and funny–and oh, so true Red! Sitting here in the corner office watching ghosts eat shadows, I can’t help but think of something else, I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting… for you to address it…the whirlygiggle……do tell. “:))
    raymond alexander kukkee recently posted..Jack Frost and the Great 2012 Heap UpdateMy Profile

    • As long as it has nothing to do with the SIB, I am all for addressing. Another trip to the post to mail out books.

  4. How much we relate to the Whirligig….do we have an actual name for it? Start with a letter at the end of the alphabet by chance.

    Make me wanna holla throw up both my hands
    (that is a song by the way)

    Love this one, it is just sorta twisted the way I like them.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..First LoveMy Profile

  5. Death by Windows.
    Binky recently posted..Meaning of LifeMy Profile

  6. Oh! I have the perfect picture – its over on my blog I am ..hahaha wating for the page to load so I can get the link.. isn’t THAT ironic? I am a patient person about waiting – lines no biggie, unless I gotta pee..waiting for a ride or other people I have plans with – no biggie. maybe because I am always late.
    But waiting for the stupid computer or anything related? I wonder if that’s how I got crazy… on top of everything else.. annnndd oh look it loaded…. It’s as if it was meant to go together 🙂

    Oh! and I love Mantra in Red…Hot little sprite 🙂 Lotsa Love
    lizziecracked recently posted..The Reality of Reality, Mid-Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

    • Awesome. You would know irony would follow. <3 I can wait for hours for things I really want. More than 0.25 seconds at the screen...eternity. Muah! xxx

  7. I was thinking about glitches yesterday during a conversation on G+ how we miss some comments due to waiting for the system to update and an argument almost happened because of it.

    I remember, years ‘n’ years ago when I had my first computer. Someone gave it to me, so it was approximately 12 years ago. I had “dial up” … I remember developing coping skills … (ha ha ha! ) like getting up, getting a cup of coffee, going to the bathroom while I waited for something to download or load period.

    (Looks away wistfully, grinning)

    Isn’t it something how technology screws with your brain? LOL! Ha!

    Mysterycoach recently posted..~ How People Communicate ~My Profile

    • Hey will you be careful how you write your comments down, I got to the part where it says… “I remember, years ‘n’ years ago when I had my first computer. Someone gave it to me” and almost fell off my lid…

      Okay we know what you meant but do give us mere Vampys a warning in future or else? lmao

      Androgoth XXx

    • Makes us believe in our old age our brains are getting faster. Right? *grins*

  8. Hmmm, my epitaph would say:

    Here lies MAC
    who now does JACK.
    Noeleen recently posted..First Class and a Screaming BabyMy Profile

  9. Nice.

    MJ Logan recently posted..LightMy Profile

  10. Whirligig. Perfect! Each time I must wait for my computer to load up, I wonder why it’s taking so long. Waiting for service support while listening to MUZAK makes me feel O.L.D. (cause I’m aging as I wait–a waste of MY valuable time).
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash In The Pan – DinnerMy Profile

    • When people on the tele ask me what I am doing, I frequently answer, “Growing old in front of the screen.” (Substituted liberally with, “Growing old waiting on (Facebook, WP, Google, Verizon, …).”)


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