A Melody

Do you hear music? No, not the radio playing, but music in your thoughts. Do you have a theme song? Or does the melody change with your mood and situation? Everything has a song.

Music Notes

Anyone who has ever walked through the woods can tell you what the song is like. Rustling of leaves, the breeze, the songbirds’ warbles and calls mix together to build music.

The symphony of everyday sounds blends together to constitute the sound track to our lives. Some of us can hear a different melody playing in the background. This is traditional music made with instruments, both sophisticated and rudimentary.

Is it just a beat you hear? A single drum? Maybe, it is a snare or a kettle or a Calypso. Is it a lullaby? A lilting melody not tethered to a bass line? Maybe, it is the sound of flutes or whistles. Is it the blues? Soulful, low, vibrating? Maybe, it is a single coronet or trombone or saxophone.

What sound does your mind hear when you say the word music? Say it out loud and listen to what your mind conjures.

Love Song

What constitutes a love song? Can you have a love song with no lyrics? Or are the lyrics inextricable from the melody?

The Date is a love song. It creates music to punctuate the events of the evening. As you read this one, listen for the music. See if you can tell me what it sounds like to you.

The Date

Today the tempo is fast
Like the pelting of a summer storm
Cleansing cobwebbed thoughts
With frenzied bridges and rifts.
Percussion moves forward toward
The happy place where music’s born.
Notes dance from the treble clef
Then the melody gently drifts

Into the limelight, center stage
Surrounded by the rhythmic beat.
The bass bellows low and even
While cymbals on a tambourine
Blend softly into the plucking
And strumming of a steel guitar.
The music’s making bodies move,
Creating a flirtatious scene.

She waves for the waitress to come
And bring another round of drinks
To quench one thirst from the dance floor.
The other will wait, just building
Until the lights come up again,
And they head out into the night.
The echo of the song will play.
Its lyrics seem to be guiding

Them down the road to happiness.
When they reach the still waters’ edge,
The lazy sun stretches over
A horizon set all ablaze
With the summer’s bright offerings,
Blooms in kaleidoscope colors,
Yet, they are dim to the glitter
Of love rapt in each others’ eyes.

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer


What does a love song sound like? Does it need lyrics? What does your music sound like? What did you hear in the poem?

(c) Ann Marie Dwyer 2012
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  1. I get a wide mixture of songs playing as I walk down the street, but no particular favourites! 🙂

    I guess for love songs my favourite has to be Boy George’s offerings – but then I’m very retro!

    Love and hugs!


  2. I just hope someone else is playing / singing my theme(s), Red… or else I’d recommend covering your ears!

    Loved the poem! Kind of made me think ‘mystery’ in a way… that kind of anticipating what might or might not come / be built from those moments…
    spilledinkguy recently posted..Water LilyMy Profile

  3. I hear a gypsy love song here. The instruments helped me make up my mind.

    NICE poem!
    Tess Kann recently posted..A Poor Man’s MealMy Profile

  4. Great to see so many intepretations of your words Red – you have it spot on!

    • Great to see you, Ginger. I love the fact everyone sees something…especially when they see it in term of themselves.

  5. As the lyrics from the King’s X song Over My Head go,

    “Music, music, I hear music, I hear music, over my head!”

    I’m a guitarplayer/musician I always hear music in my head from various riffs, melodies, song ideas, etc.

    As to your love song with no lyrics question I say see Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, etc.

    • I think love songs often appear with no lyrics. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the Shawshank Redemption…about not having to understand what the ladies were singing about in the opera to know they were bringing sunshine to the yard of the prison. Glad you made it, Heretic.

      Next time, check the CommentLuv box so we get a link to your latest post. Drop a link to your blog in the Green Room. I know there are quite a few here with your love of movies.

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