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Too bad today was not Wednesday. Wednesdays usually determine what will be posted on Saturday. Here it is Saturday, which has no power to determine what should be posted on its own day, attempting to determine what should post on Monday. Can you see why it would be better if today was Wednesday and not Saturday on Monday? Oh, good. I thought it was only me.


On strike.

Since Mantra got it in her head she was not earning enough, compliments of Greg, what is scribbled in her notebook is not the typical M3 fare for Mondays. Yes, preparations are complete for the mixed reviews and the visit from the troll who has returned to rate all the posts one star… more on that on a future post.


We have talked about power on a few occasions on M3. We have discussed its ability to corrupt, control and destroy. What follows is an upside down look at power. After it, a challenge awaits.

This poem came with a simple title, but not one which was fitted after the numbers were inscribed. Instead, this poem first touched the page as a single word: TOOK.

The complete abhorrence of WEBSCREAM was cause to reconsider the title before the first stanza was complete. In short, it was distracting. Once the lines were all assembled, there was absolutely no reason to change it to something less demanding. Tonight’s offering is TOOK.


“If I did it, you would never know.”
“You’ll do it because I told you to.”
“You’ll be dead before I let you go.”
“Without me, you’d be nothing.”

But that’s where you are wrong.
I’m not the damsel that you think.
Your arrogance is your swan song.
Today, I’m taking your power away.

I have always known when it was you,
But I was never ready to tell the truth.
Now, I have the strength to see me through.
I’m going to shuffle your house of cards.

My days of taking orders are over.
I am in control of my life, not you.
Today, I’m taking away your power
Because I am the best I can be.

In order for you to hold onto me,
I must allow it. Why would I do it?
I’d snuggle into a bed of anemones
Before I would permit your possession.

You are the demon I am exorcising,
Evicting from my head, heart and life.
Just stop talking. I am not listening.
I, too, have very selective hearing.

Tit for tat. You never heard my pleas.
Not for mercy. Not for love. Not for peace.
Today, I am bringing your world to its knees
By stripping the foundation away.

I hope you like the view from behind.
Though you’ll watch me walk away,
You’ll be chain-ganged to your kind
Because today I took your power away.


The view looking up…

Do you think this upside down version should be the way we look at power everyday instead of as the exception?

Can you take the power away from something in your life?

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  1. Can't remember who I am

     /  June 18, 2012

    Indeed.. If he finds things that upsetting he needs to find other things to read that is for sure. I wonder if it has to do with the name. Strange..

  2. Good One ……
    Pressing questions in a poem
    These Lines hit me hard ….
    “My days of taking orders are over.
    I am in control of my life, not you.”

    Huggs Red
    Great Post .
    Have a Good night xo
    Cat Forsley recently posted..Immersed Cat Forsley ©My Profile

    • I hope you are getting some good sleep. Taking a break to answer comments and get back to the story…so far moving nicely! {HUGZ} Red. xxx

  3. Red, this is a wonderful poem. Why? It speaks of reclaiming natural power. Standing up. Kicking sorry pathetic ass. Whack and stack. Claim what is rightfully yours, including self esteem, control over your own life. Your life is yours because you TOOK control.
    GREAT poem. From any point of view–even the sorry pathetic ass who is stinging, singing in high ‘E’ and is now submissive, and understands a superior being has just swacked him “upside the empty head”. I heard the echo of the glorious smack! from the corner office –even with the door closed…. “:))
    Raymond Alexander Kukkee recently posted..RevelationsMy Profile

  4. Taking control of of own lives can sometimes be a challenge, but is definitely worth it.
    Binky recently posted..Wombania Fan Art VideoMy Profile

  5. “I hope you like the view from behind.” Sweet victory of positive assertion.

  6. Magnificent. Captivating from start to finish.

    • Thank you, Conny. Good to see you. I am back after a week’s break and feeling my way back through the comments. I hope you have had a wonderful week.

  7. loved it..the day every woman realise the power that is in these lines
    where will those arrogant XY’s go what will they do 😮
    what a powerful beautiful poem..Red make a poster of this poem. lot of women and men need to read this.
    Soma Mukherjee recently posted..The way the words hug…..My Profile

    • I am so glad you said men, too. To be frank, we need more women raising more men to be gentlemen and more mothers raising girls to be women who stand up for themselves. xxx

  8. Tit for tat. You never heard my pleas.
    Not for mercy. Not for love. Not for peace.
    Today, I am bringing your world to its knees

    If this was music…the 1812 overature when the cannons are booming…. chariots of fire.. Rock you Like a Hurricane.. A movie, play or musical..this would be where the audience says YES! she DID it!

    Love this poem Red.. I have someone to share it with too… I hope she sees the power of taking hers back..

    What has the most power in my life… I don’t know that it is the same… Sometimes I think I take its power by refusing to give in, but is relentless and will never go away.
    Hugs and much Love
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Keep em on Their Toes, Mid-Afternoon Mental MomentMy Profile

    • I hope you did get a chance to share it. As to the power in your life, you take the power away every single time you reach out and take one of the hands. Even if it will never go away, with enough of us fighting it, it will not win. <3 Much love, Lizzie {HUGZ}

  9. Indeed. Since we give things power, we can take it away? If only people understood that and kept their power instead of giving it away as if it isn’t important. Guard your power–it is a valuable asset! On the other hand, we can surrender our (given by Him) power over to God and let Him protect it. Hmmmmmm. Angie
    Angela Young recently posted..Me? A Minister?My Profile

    • You cannot let things and people rule your life. That power is not meant to be squandered, but protected.

  10. Sounds like when I walked away from my dad, his death threats ringing in my ears!!! 🙂

    Lovely piece and so strong Red! 🙂

    God Bless my sweet friend!



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