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Mantra of M3The sound of an orchestral symphony often is a spiritual awakening. Each piece adds a different element to a complex message to the soul.

Do you think you could tell if an instrument was out of tune or if one person was out of time? With so many other instruments, it would seem easy to miss just one.

Would you be able to tell if a single instrument was missing? Let’s see.

Symphony of Silence

The beat on the eardrum, an eerie sound,
The echo of a life once lived.
Out of step with those around.
No one playing harmony.

The chest is a hollow cage,
Much too large for the heart,
Withered from misuse and age.
A half-step out of harmony.

The skull, smooth inside, traps
The unquiet mind spinning beneath.
Decisions made by shooting craps.
Rattling bones out of harmony.

Vacant eyes, not seeking, only stare.
Misty memory of the maestro,
Of his fiery baton beware.
Furious whips into harmony.

Flaccid hands refuse to take
The virtuoso instrument
Or ever again try to make
The forgotten harmony.


How often do we miss a single person in the midst of a crowd, especially the crowd of our social circles? What does it feel like to be the one overlooked?

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  1. I love classical music, but probably wouldn’t be able to tell if someone was out of tune. I hope I would miss the person in a crowd, though

    • I am tone-deaf, but I can hear the one out of tune, just cannot tell which direction. 😛 I am trying to be more cognizant of the people in the crowd these days.

  2. I would probably miss someone I know in a crowd because I no long gape and look around me like I used to and anyway, everyone is taller than I am. A short person misses everything.

    I don’t know what it feels like to be overlooked but I’m sure it must be a feeling of worthlessness.
    Tess recently posted..Beijing Day 5, Part 4: Special Peking DinnerMy Profile

  3. I am the one overlooked and rejected by one I held dear in my social circles. I don’t feel worthless, just sad for the lost connection and the value I placed on the friendship. I did my best to reach out but am now letting go. It is best for me this way.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Prose – Of Loss and LoveMy Profile

    • I wonder though if you should feel sad for the value you placed. I would more feel sad for the lack of reciprocity than the good feelings of having invested in a relationship. On a brighter note, I am glad you are doing what is healthy for you. xxx

  4. I wouldn’t hear, well sometimes I would. But I know all to well the feeling of being overlooked or isolated. That feeling, it isn’t good.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Remembering James Brady: “A Legend At The White House.” Brady Dies At Age 73.My Profile

    • I think each of us has felt it at one time or the other. Right now, the vibration of that isolation is reverberating. xxx

  5. I have perfect pitch, but I can’t sing!!! 🙂

    I have a selection of music which is pretty wide, including orchestral stuff, Opera and modern music too, so I’m never without something to suit my mood! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs my friend!!! 🙂

    Prenin recently posted..Monday – Problems fixed!My Profile

  6. With only one instrument missing the uniqueness of the sound can be lost, I am not sure whether I could determine which instrument was missing but I would know that something was lacking.

    I guess it is the same when we lose contact with someone that we have known for a long time.

    Lives change but memories last forever, and when someone disappears, or a friend leaves without a mention there is a sense of loss, it is not the same for everyone though, it depends on how values are interpreted.

    Some would not even know that they had gone, whilst others would feel totally abandoned.

    I really do like your poem Red 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I am often wistful from the friends who move away or lose touch. Inevitably, I notice their instrument gone from the orchestra. xxxx


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