So, Maybe It Is A Porn Site

In its chill embrace/A dream awaits

In M3’s 250th post, we are going to take a very large detour. No construction barrels or barricades were harmed in the making of this post.

Do you recall The Night Scene? Click on the link, since it will open in another window. You may just need to see it to understand what is to follow. And you may need to sit down before we get to the end.

Complete Change Of Tune

There are at least four posts decrying M3’s status as a porn site. Yet, there was one allusion-ridden poem which belies the sheepskin wrapper swaddling the wolf.


There is no discounting the consensus the poem represented divorce and remarriage or death and rebirth. Both allusions were clearly on the surface. The former, at least to the poet, more than the latter, but both were clear. The inference of the death of the body and rebirth of the soul is comforting in the last lines.

Also on the more obvious side, though not quite as much, was the fear of the poem: The fear of what lay beyond the darkness of closed eyes and doors and in the silence.

One of the underlying currents of The Night Scene was only brought in the comments by a single person: Raymond Alexander Kukkee.

Mayhap, a reread is in order.

Less Cryptic

Tonight’s poem is far less entangled and overly layered. I say overly because nothing I pen is solely as it appears on the surface. Nothing.

The most obvious theme is apparent in its subject, setting, rhythm and possibly its title: Quickening. The underlying question? Is this a dream?

Trees wave naked branches…


The gathering nightshade beckons with
cricket trills.
Trees wave naked branches
bent in windy chills.
Your mind swirls the moonlight ’round,
dreaming thrills.

Glittery eyes lock yours.
You place your hand in the palm.
Lips tremble voiceless words
As the melody hides the beat.

Bodies close, breath warm on skin.
Fingers trail from ear to chest
Without pause, tender along the neck,
Reaching for the quickening pulse within.

The silence broken only by breaths,
rapid and deep.
Desire, long dormant, unleashed
in love to steep.
The soul mate’s  passionate attention
ensnared to keep.



Was it real? Is it a fantasy or a memory?

© Red Dwyer 2012
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  1. Lovely….this one brings chills, memory

    • So very glad it touched you. I normally become immune to reading them, but not so with this one.

  2. How deliciously wicked Red 🙂
    I really like this one my great
    friend 🙂

    Changing the subject now…
    Have you seen that ‘Reblog’
    feature that WP has sprung
    onto our pages? 🙁 I don’t
    like that idea one bit and so
    as a result I am changing
    the way in which I add posts,
    you see, although the info
    on that new fangled notion
    all seems above board, I
    figure that there could be
    some unforseen loopholes
    and I cannot see the point
    in me adding my Copyright
    if someone can just add my
    script onto their page…

    Now I know that the link
    back to my original would
    suggest that there can be
    no mishaps, but I still do
    not trust it…

    Drastic measures I know
    so I will be adding some
    alternative postings but no
    more scripts, which is a
    tad disappointing but I do
    think it is necessary…

    BTW –

    You have a wondrously fine
    talent for writing absolutely
    anything 🙂 😉

    Have fun now Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Indeed, I have seen it and have had a post “reblogged” to a blog which has no original content…more than once. From the mechanism, I do not see a way around the link back to the original post. And from the ones I have seen, only an excerpt (in most cases just the title) appear on the other blog. I find the entire thing a bit odd and counter-intuitive to having one’s own blog. Other than reblogging my own work, I cannot ever imagine using it, and then only out of sheer laziness.

      I am disappointed you will not be adding new scripts. Mayhap, you will find enough information to feel protected.

      And thank you very kindly 😉

      • I actually read the original blog that was added to promote this new feature and there are some other users that are rather concerned about their work also, as soon as I read through that blog I immediately removed the bulk of my work, now it is already on disc and copyrighted to me just by writing it, but I don’t like the thought of anyone at all just clicking Reblog and adding it to their page, I mean I don’t even like peeps clicking on mine to follow and never introducing themselves first or never bothering to call in, as I find that really odd too 🙁

        Okay maybe I am being a tad silly but I have had work stolen from me before (Not in WordPress… Well Not To My Knowledge) so I am not happy about the Reblog feature, and it was just added without me being told… Hmm never mind I will come up with something interesting to post but it will not be scripts that is for sure 🙂

        I am sorry for adding this onto your posting my great friend, and I have now added a post regarding this same issue, well an issue for me anyway but still something of concern nonetheless…

        You may delete my comments that are not
        related to your posting, and I thank you for
        your excellent resoponse 🙂 Thank you 🙂

        Now where did I leave my Cape? Ahhh yes
        there it is over there by that Trolls Borlicks…
        I have no idea how it got over there though 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx

        • The trolls carried it off 😉 And the comments stand. There may well be others who share your concerns. I shall be ’round shortly to see what you have posted. A few more loose ends to tie.

      • Thank you for your kind thoughts Red and now i must dash, even my coffee is too far out of reach this morning as I am not yet in my Gothic Jammies, nor have I had any sleep and I am due out at 7am… That is in just over 2.5 hours time so I will be… Yes Cream Crackered 🙂 lol

        Have fun now and be good also 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

    • Perhaps in the middle of your post you could write something to the effect of “Anyone who reblogs this is a royal @#$@$!” and that way, they won’t want to reblog you.

      Just a thought.

  3. Reality, fantasy, and memory all blur together in a self-reinforcing cycle of blissful sensual trance. Nice poem, Red. Very nice.

  4. bear

     /  January 25, 2012

    Reality today and forever!

  5. Red. It’s not a dream, not real, not fantasy, not memory — it’s a poem. A good poem (and this is a good one) leaves room for the reader (and the poet too).


  6. I am now quite certain this is a porn site. I saw the word naked in that poem and we all know that only happens in Porn…

    Seriously Red, was real to me…

    Seems a lovely poem tis true,
    ne’er one to make you blue,
    and speaks of love,
    that blossoms, now anew.

  7. Why am I purple creepy crawlie and most everyone else is human?

    • Because you have not set up a WordPress account. It opens you a blog (you can gut it) and assigns you a Gravatar so you can put your smiling face in place of the Alien. And if you do not, you will always have the alien assigned to your email addy.

  8. The posting can be found if you go into your Dashboard, and look under
    ‘What’s Hot’ and the posting is titled ‘Reblogging is Back’, actually it has
    366 ‘Likes’ so obviously peeps are not concerned about the Reblog idea,
    but it still hasn’t changed my mind on it regardless of all those ‘Likes’…

    I have added my concerns on said
    blog and others do not like the idea…

    Thank you for your wickedly fine thoughts Red

    Androgoth XXx

    • Glad I could help, I think. And you should long since be off to dream land…an hour and a twenty minutes!

  9. I don’t care for the reblogging feature. I suppose it’s a compliment, but too often it’s used by lazy folks who don’t work to build their own content.
    Lovely poem, by the way.

    • Thank you, Barb. And I agree entirely. I heavily considered reblogging today, but settled on merely linking out. Frankly, it is just the right thing to do. I think scraping is atrocious, even if it is the hottest thing on the internet. The ones who want to think otherwise call it “curating”.

  10. Good poem hun – have you had a look at Ian Feltons work? He’s rather good… 🙂

    God Bless!


    • I have not, but I always love a referral! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start 🙂 {HUGZ} Red.


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