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Mantra of M3Each of us have one now. Many of us have had so many, it is hard to keep them all in one place. Some we have lost. Others we have broken. What do they do to us?

Tonight’s poem is simply titled WithinWhether held within the mind or the heart, they can eat at our souls. Why do we keep them? Why do we not simply forget them or let them go? Perhaps, we should do both.

Forgive her for being a mite petulant tonight. For this one, her wings are clipped. Enjoy Mantra’s walk.


Held deep within the recesses of the brain,
Deliberate effort to keep it contained.

Some days, it’s easy to keep.
Others so difficult, it’s buried so deep.

The innocent ones blend together
Becoming wall fabric holding the others.

The shameful, hurtful, dangerous ones
Which threaten happiness, lives and reputations.

No matter, they are true.
How much the truth harms you.


They require you keep knowingly silent
When you’d rather tell and repent

For being the one who broke the chain
By sharing knowledge, despite the pain

It would inflict on those shielded.
Oh, for deafness, you’d never have yielded,

Swung your doors open wide.
Letting the poison inside.

Knowing is gnawing regret
When you keep a secret.



When was the first time you remember being told a secret? Were you able to keep it? Why do we keep secrets? Is that a good reason?

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  1. My own personal opinion is that a person should have at least one person with whom he/she can be himself/herself without fear of being judged or rejected. It is to this person that he/she can share his/her deepest secrets.

    But how difficult it is to find that person in our lives. Sometimes when we confide to another person, we find out later that we’ve become the subject of gossip! 🙁

    ~ Matt

    • Red

       /  March 7, 2012

      That is so true. You may well like the subject of #TalkTuesday. I talked about sharing the innermost self.

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you were not lost in the move!

  2. I cannot ever remember being told a secret.

    Secrets made me, so I did not need to make secrets.

    I was ALWAYS able to keep a secret, but often discovered, it was not a secret.

    I have been known to tell secrets, not realising they were secrets, and ALWAYS prefer people to say to me “Don’t tell…. or please don’t say…” because I am inclined to say as is, but if someone is secretive about some part, I easily maintain the secret.

    Ineresting post!nn

    (Comment transferred from old blog…)

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