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Mantra has been throwing mothballs from her lantern. She ejected this one twice this week in reference to conversations on which she has eavesdopped.

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Aging is a part of life we either accept or fight will all our power. Occasionally, the body fails to uphold our wishes, but equally often our willpower is the defector.

While few consider the loss of attraction and desire a casualty of time, more often than not intimate contact is deemed far less important than the myriad other appointments with which we fill our overstuffed calendars. We simply choose to discount the power inherent in celebrating life with heartfelt caresses, passionate kisses and sex.

Mantra says, “Bah.” In Youth, she brings you an idea you may just want to give a whirl.


I don’t remember being young.
Others speak of carefree laughter,
But my mind’s awash with something.

Swirling responsibility,
An acute punctuality,
Stark and lonely reality.

I’ve learned enough to want and yearn
For the selfish and wanton whims
Of the youth I can’t remember.

Unbridled sexuality,
A heady sensuality,
Definite non-reality.

Dreams nothing more than fantasy,
Even sitting in broad daylight,
In touch with youthful ecstasy.

No more adult complexity.
Fun unconventionality,
An alternate reality.

Where my body responds to touch,
Sight, sound and taste of touching skin.
The feel of youth rediscovered.


If you have Mate, give an unexpected touch. Let Mate know you still remember. Have a wonderful evening.

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  1. I’m so glad you have a LOVE button, Red, because this is really wonderful! And I just have to say that I enjoyed Gail’s comment, too! 🙂 I wouldn’t go back in time. Life is better now for my hubby and I and I think a big part is not only do we have the connection, but with the “kids” older now, it’s easier getting together!
    We’re not so rushed in taking care of them, although, their little youthful days were so precious and worth repeating.
    Anyway, I suppose what I’m trying to say is there’s more touching, more relaxed times, not like, “okay, lets hurry before she wakes up!”
    Yes, we’re older, but I think there are phases that improve with age! Sheesh, I hope this makes sense! Hugs to you! xx
    Lauren Scott recently posted..Saturday – AcrosticMy Profile

    • It makes perfect sense. We get better at the things we do when we get older and practice. 😉 xxx

      • Yes I can certainly agree with you on this finding 😉 🙂 Mind you after saying that it would be nice to backtrack twenty or thirty years with the knowledge that I have accumulated and… Well let us just say that it would be a awesome 🙂

        Have a truly exciting rest of afternoon and equally a wicked evening to follow 🙂

        Andro xxxx


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