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Mantra is pleased to have her day back to herself.

When faced with her notebook, I was left a bit in a quandary. She has been busy filling a chapter named Dirt and Water. Nothing seemed to jump out at me to settle on M3. The pouting commenced. Dirt and Water was the only thing on the menu.

After she quit pouting, the notebook fell away, and the words began appearing here. This is the first one written directly to M3 since before Mantra for a Muse. She is ready for the winter… with water.

Snowflake looks into the cold we embrace and a reason why. See who walks away the winner: The sunbeam, the snowflake or someone else.


A sunbeam creeps in across the sill.
Stabbing through the curtains at the night
Trapped in the bedroom.

Don’t disturb the slumber; Just lie still.
Perhaps, the sheets will help hide away
What’s left of the dream.

Warmth creeps across the ice block hard floor.
Nothing can stave off its swift approach.
May as well give in.

Quick step out of bed and out the door
Before its creepiness wraps around
Fantasy fragments.

Slam the door and march away to see
If there is cold left in the kitchen.
Keep them nice and fresh.

Calendar stares back to remind me.
Angry red Xs mark all the days
Since you walked away

To your other life so far from here.
Don’t look back this way, slip on the ice.
The slope is that bad.

This time I slide down it without fear.
Clinging to half-truths and pretty lies
Meant to keep me true.

Ha. I always was, not that you’d know.
My words echoed in your empty head.
Bouncing off your past.

It sheathed your mind like fresh, driven snow
Banked high enough to freeze out your heart
Or what’s left of it.

For some strange reason I thought my tears
Would fill your snowy footprints up.
That’s not what happened.

Walking away, you realized my fears.
But the sun melted your trace away,
Defrosted my heart.

The shattered pieces of the future
You said we were meant to share shimmer,
No longer bloodstained.

You just kept the pieces that were yours
While I made mine into a snowflake,
Delicate and fine.

This morning it melts in sun-kissed steam
From the coffee we never did share.
The warm cup is mine.

Loneliness is not as bad as it seemed
Because I will not let myself down.
That job is complete.



Do you ever dream of past loves? Does the cold make you lonely or appreciate the warmth in your life?  Should Mate wait until there are no feelings at all to walk away?

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  1. If you wait until there are no feelings at all you stayed too long and destroyed them all.
    Laurie recently posted..Budgeting Money and TimeMy Profile

  2. Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true.

    I’ll come back later when I’m not wrapped up in my own prose.

    MJ Logan recently posted..City Girl and The WoodsMy Profile

  3. It’s hard to end things sometimes. Or to know when they have ended.
    Binky recently posted..New Scary OSMy Profile

  4. the sunbeam suggests there is hope…the job of being let down at first struck me as sad.. but with the sunbeam it means there is tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow… up is the only way to go.
    Lots Love Muah
    Lizzie <3
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic MDay – love is this and thatMy Profile

    • When this one started, I really thought the sunbeam was going to be the villain. The kiss at the end make all the difference. <3

  5. Still can’t decide where this one takes me. I’m kinda with Lizzie C on this one, there’s always tomorrow and tomorrow can always be better.

    MJ Logan recently posted..City Girl and The WoodsMy Profile

    • For me the culling of the cold was important. The way I look at it: What good is a freezer full of _________ when you are hungry? Tomorrow can always be better.

  6. I have repeated dreams of a past love. Something warm is between us, but in the end I am unable to leave. Leaving is what I want, for the sunbeam is directing me to go. So I’ve heard, love dies by fire or ice, and for me it died by ice. But like MJ and Lizzie, hope presented itself from the very beginning of the end.

    • I have always wondered what dreaming of the past was like. I tend to dream in fantasy or in the future…and occasionally in the blatant present. My love most often turns to ash before crystal. <3

  7. Wow. Amazing. I can only shut the hell up at this, and wonder -smile-
    Miss R recently posted..Night of the Living Wine GumsMy Profile

  8. Life is like that sometimes, a life that just leaves glimpses of a seemingly perfect world that was somehow left behind.

    I am sure that everyone will be able to relate to this fine offering Red and there is always one thing to remember, as one chapter ends there is a fresh and new page to begin 🙂

    Do have a lovely start to your Tuesday Red 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • I think perfection is elusive only because regardless of how perfect we deem any situation, it can always be improved. We settle for “perfection”.

      Glad you stopped by for this one. 😉

  9. I have learned to push away the past and live in the here and now.

    Pain is best forgotten, but the good memories will always be there… 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Monday – The Plasterer fails to show.My Profile

    • And with them, Pren, comes new enjoyment. See my comment to Andro about perfection. 😀 {HUGZ}

  10. AAAAHHHH… memories of lost times that seemed good at the time… now they are what they were – cold and bare. This piece is quite warming, despite the ice and snow.
    I wonder, will or do we ever tire of asking ourselves the same questions, once time has passed? Because, though somewhat of a different hue, they all carry the same message – why did you not listen!
    I see Mantra jumping around in delight that, mayhap, I heard her right!!
    And congrats to Mantra for being “live” on the cybernet!!
    MOST lovely piece! Left me yearning, not for folly past, but for true love to be.

    BuddhaKat recently posted..Feline, Fun and Funny…My Profile

    • I hear her jingling. It is about seeking what is good after letting go of what was. I do not doubt we tire of it, but the true question is: When will we disembark the insanity which repeats the process? Glad this one resonated with you <3


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