Muse for Monday

Time to take a nature walk and appreciate the emotions all around…even when you cannot see them. Listen closely. Can you hear that? What did you hear?

Lonely Barn Owl

 The Waiting

The sunlight creeps silently, driving the darkness from across the valleys.
Lazy flowers bow, pouring off dew, raise their petals into the rays’ warmth,
Gingerly stretching leaves, soaking in the light between the shadowy trees.

High above them on a windswept branch, a lonely barn owl mournfully calls.
Her nest is bare, chicks long flown, the warm rays wasted on glowing white feathers.
From her skyline perch she dives, unfurling her wings, through the limbs she falls.

Just before the rushing ground’s rapid approach she levels to skim the meadow.
Along the ripples, she drags her talons in the cool water. Then, she reaches to snatch
A tasty trout from the babbling brook. Up she climbs, back to her nest in the shadow.

With a shrill hoot she calls once more, the meal growing warm in her claw.
From across the rapids swoops up a sight so grand she sighs sweet relief.
He is back. To share another repast, preen her feathers and nuzzle beneath her jaw.


Together Again

What did you hear?

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  1. awarewriter

     /  December 26, 2011


    Beautiful words Red. You didn’t need the photos because your words painted the image perfectly.


    • Thank you, John. It is not often I put up one which is so fresh, but this just seemed to be one which would not wait to age.

  2. I agree with John, a wondrously
    nice posting with delightful words 🙂

    have a wonderful evening Red 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Red and the timeless and elegant mating call of nature…

    • Thank you, Ray. With this one, I heard it more than saw it. Red.

      • It’s interesting that you heard it more than saw it, your imagery even without the photos is wonderful. Another curious observation, birds suffer the empty-nest syndrome repeatedly, starting over, and over….ergo the comment ” timeless”…

  4. bear

     /  December 27, 2011

    The breaking of a new Dawn and what life brings to those deserving.

  5. Nice Red. Seems that no matter how beautiful life is, there comes a time when it is only fulfilled when you spend it with the one you love. Beautiful imagery of later years, empty-nest syndrome, wonderful dinners and the exhileration when your spouse comes home after the days grind. Love you, Grant

  6. Beautiful Red! 🙂

    Dad used to bring home injured Owls – one of the few times he did something right – and we had to hand feed them while wearing a welders glove or else we’d be losing fingers! 🙂

    One little Owl was really sweet though and didn’t hoot so we called it ‘Eeet’ after the noise it made as it sat on my shoulder and nibbled my ear! 🙂

    It was eventually released back into the wild so that was one for the home team!!! 🙂

    Why did the Male Owl stay single?

    Because he had no Wit to Woo!!! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs!


    • LOL! We often had owls in the house. And sparrows. And doves. And bluejays…are you seeing a pattern? We had some wicked ones and some which were uber-gentle. Either way, gloves are a must. Very few sharper beaks around.

      Hope you are having a lovely afternoon, Pren!

  7. Wonderful Red. I did not realize you write poetry, what a wonderful thing to have in common. The intro to the poem reminded me of a good way I relax: by going for a walk and focusing solely on the sounds around me. We take so much for granted in our busy lives!

    • Peace and quiet is hard to find on most days. I really take the time to enjoy it when given the opportunity. Have a look through all of the Muses and look for War Sucks and Analyse This. Red.


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