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Mantra coldIt is hard to contemplate a world where words are simple, yet daily we find the simple ones explaining the quantum complexities in their minutia.

Mantra has been musing on words lately. Not with words, but on words. The conclusion to which she arrived is as simple as it is profound. It is hardly as black and white as the print on the screen would lead you to believe.

As is her norm, the poem is entitled Words. As accurate as the title is, there are layers beneath the seemingly simple. Whether you find simple layers or ones which defy all reason is entirely up to you.


Days spent prattling about subjects uncountable
Fill the air with millions of words of varied lengths.
Deep in the annuls of time, a scholar decided
Polysyllabic ones were preferable.

Retrospect enlightens the truth of the matter.
The small words pack the most punch.
Whilst they are spoken every single day,
They arrive in shouts, swoons and even a whisper.

Despite their size they are no less true,
Far more powerful than the mere letters convey,
Infinitely more personal than even a name.
Three simple words defy all others: I love you.


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  1. Most excellent work, Mantra!

    I broke out into a huge smile at the end of the first stanza… I wasn’t sure why, until I re-read it, & noted the spelling(s); my unconscious caught it first, it seems…

    Which verifies the second stanza….

    The third, excellent as it is overall, would have been as great with any other grouping, as long as it ended with the same words/idea…. IMHO

    Mantra’s on a roll, it seems….

    gigoid, the dubious

    À bientôt, mon cherí….

    gigoid, the dubious recently posted..Past, last fasts are finest kind….My Profile

    • I do so enjoy those words the mouth corrects when the mind understands. It seems a misspelling to those who miss it. 😛 xxx

  2. Words can be just about everything. It is hard to imagine life without them.

    • I agree with your statement not only on the basis of my profession but also on my role as a parent of a non-verbal child.

  3. I love you
    Indeed, simple yet profound. Rope to tie you with or the key to unlock the door.

    As always you define the impossible.

  4. Wow I was thinking that I would be miles behind on here but hey where’s all your postings for 2016? I do hope that you will be starting up here again soon, maybe even introducing more Flash Fiction, of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I know I am rarely on WP these days but if you were to start up a new string of blogs then I will be only too happy to call in every week and read them my beautiful friend.

    Enjoy a wonderful Monday with your man and awesome family my lovely friend Red 🙂 😉

    Andro xxx

    • I have been spending an inordinate amount of time in therapy settings where I have not the time to write as much as I would desire. Plus, my mountain bike is taking some other writing time. I have not yet devised a way to put my laptop onto my handlebars and still dodge trees and jump off rocks.

  5. Gray Dawster

     /  March 21, 2016

    I was so busy wittering that
    I forgot to say how cool your
    posting is my dear.

    It just shows how startled I
    am at not seeing hundreds of
    your wicked postings 🙂

    Have a lovely time today Red 🙂

    Andro xxx

  6. I hope that you are still enjoying your mountain bike riding, I know you aren’t posting here anymore, hopefully that will change sometime in the near future.

    I am way behind on things too, and my manuscript is on the back burner so no idea when I will be completing that now, I am serious about it though and will eventually pass that to you, hopefully you will still remember who I am when that happens? 😉 Just kidding my dear friend.

    Right I shall post this one next and hope that it posts, the last time I was here it took several attempts so this time I will copy before clicking on the send 🙂 lol

    Have a fantastic Tuesday Red
    and be good, just like me 🙂 😉

    Andro xxx

    • It has been rainy here, so the flooding is precluding much riding off-road. I have ordered a trainer to put in the garage, so I can ride even in the monsoon.

      As to the not posting, you seem to have a crumbled cookie. One or more of your log-in combinations has expired with WP or has a typo. I have had to approve your comments. Not all of them got eaten 😉

      I will wart you about that manuscript in due course. I have a special whip for just such occasions.


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