Day 17: Peacock Feathers

If pride goeth before a fall, I should stay prone for my own safety. You are not innocent. No, really. And I have pictures to prove it.

Me first though. I am proud of a great many people. How can I be proud of them? The first group should be obvious.

Two sons and three Vs.

Two sons and three Vs.

I did not eat even one of them. Then, there is my little monster, er mobster.

Eat him up with a spoon.

Eat him up with a spoon.

As a single mother, this is nothing at which to scoff. And if you do, keep it down. The hecklers do throw things on occasion.

Then, there is this.

Red Dwyer's Books

And that stack is missing the new beautiful blue one.

Which would not have been possible without this:

Redmund Productions


Which is populated by talented, kind, hilarious people who make sure to point and laugh when I do something inane on social media. Oh, yes they do! But what am I saying? You do, too. Uh-huh. Wanna bet?

LinkedIn Blogging Endorsement

Click it. Bet you see yourself.

*Blows big raspberry* See? I told you I had proof.

What makes you proud? Are you in a group which makes me proud? Can you name one more thing you know I am proud of but did not list? (I will not shy away if you name more than one.)

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Will you take the 30 Day Challenge? I would love to see what you have to say.

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  1. You inspire me <3
    Candy recently posted..Happy Birthday to MeMy Profile

  2. You have beautiful children Red. 🙂
    Wendy Reid recently posted..FTP Challenge: Tablecloth – 100 wordsMy Profile

    • Thank you. Do not let those adorable smiles fool you for one minute. They are so much like me it hurts. xxx

  3. Maybe I should adopt some kids. Or just borrow them.
    Binky recently posted..The Ultimate ShaveMy Profile

  4. Whatever happens from here on in, I want you to know that I am proud to know you Red.

    You gave me something I didn’t have before.

    Pride in myself.

    Love and hugs!


    P.S: Love the family! 🙂
    Prenin recently posted..Friday – A child is born!My Profile

  5. What a really wicked, sweet and wonderful posting showing your adorable family 🙂 🙂 Of course you are an expert with them, whereas I like to hand them back and do my own thing 🙂 lol

    Have a deliciously enjoyable weekend Red and that goes for your two Sons and three V’s 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I am just glad most of them can go to their homes when I am finished visiting! Bwahahaha! I hope your week has started off nicely. I need to go see what you have in the cauldron. 😉

  6. As always, you inspire and make me smile all in a single stroke!

    I always love seeing pictures of your children in one frame, can’t tell where these come from!

    You are a friend to be proud of, by the way.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Everything is not YouMy Profile

    • I am so very glad you think so. Here before too long, I am going to have to round them up again. At Big V’s wedding we never did get them all in one frame. Little muggers. xxx

  7. I am in one of your groups, Red. The Totally Ready for Prime Time Players at Redmund Productions. You gave me pride in myself and I am proud of your kindness and achievements. I am especially proud of our friendship and you gave me the ability to laugh with you. Your humor sings in my ears.
    Gail Thornton recently posted..ForkMy Profile

  8. I have two awesome granddaughters, who make my day worthwhile.

    Your family is gorgeous. I believe you are, and might very well be proud of your blogging family, M3 Productions, and your friend Val. You have a heart of gold too, Red, and should be proud of that too.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Flash in the Pan – ParboiledMy Profile

    • I am inordinately proud of M3 and all its players as well as Val. There is not much in my life I cannot lay at the feet of pride. And that includes you as well. xxx


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