Naughty? Maybe.


I checked my list twice. Realizing everyone on the list was destined for a skateboard ride to Hades, I ripped it up and wrote this one instead:

Naughty Means What, Exactly?

Now, I have come to realize through Friday Follies, naughty in is the eye of the beholder. Some of my most mundane posts are targets for spewing and spattering. To quote Missy Biozarre, “It’s ’cause you’re more famous”.

Prenin says, “Amazing the number of illiterates there are out in the backwoods”, and I have to admit…I never knew so many swamp things had internet access. Am I the only one who needs a mobile hotspot? I know I live in the stix, but seriously, where do these people live? I need to tell my travel agent to never book me in those places.

Advanced Education Shoes

It is not fame or location. I think it has far more to do with a total lack of education shoes. Maybe, we could host a Samaritan’s Feet for all of my hate-mailers and give them all education shoes.

John suggested, “I think you have an entire closet filled with education shoes, Red. The pointy ones, planted in the right place, would be best for delivering a swift education.” Perhaps, he is truly aware.

Nice, Schmice

Some days, I cannot drag the nice out of the drawer with a crane. *sigh* Consider it a character flaw.

Dr. Ted was so much nicer about the whole thing: “His state of agitation was clearly related to his hostility for values and tradition. Clearly he has lost his way, assuming he had ever discovered it.” See, I just have to question people’s upbringing, or utter lack thereof.

Rachael came away with far nicer sentiment than I could muster: “Thankfully he was not directed to Lemonparty…” I did not specify where he could go after leaving the parking lot, but the directions would have been uber-easy to follow.

Giving Them What For

To further prove the theory of naughty being in the eye of the beholder, I present Valentine, the world’s bestest friend ever. Even when I have my pointy hat on (crooked), she tells me, “As always Red, you are my heroine.” And she idly wonders, “Why is the only stinking spam and hate mail I get is on my political blogs?” Maybe, Prenin and Missy are right on that one.

And just to prove Val’s sister bias has nothing to do with the theory, Lorre tells me, “I’m so jealous of the crazy and nasty comments you get. That means….you have truly made it. I want a stalker(s) and looney folks.”

Not to be outdone, Mama Jells speaks volumes about the anonymity of potshotting with, “Definite creepers. I can’t imagine going around saying those things to complete strangers, but some people ONLY cyber stalk and spread the funk. Or at least, only spread the funk because no one can see them.”

So, what does it mean?

The Red Educational Shoe Award

It means I have some of the best commenters in the world! (No, not the crazies in my inbox.) And for that I can only do the responsible thing and offer the newest of blogging awards: The Red Educational Shoe Award.

Since all awards have some sort of do this to earn it hook, this one is no different. Highlight your five most supportive recent commenters in a post. Insert the picture from here into your post (on your side bar or award page) and keep your shoe handy…even if you choose to use it on your hate-mailers.

Visit the Winners

Missy Biozarre

Prenin’s Little Page

The Aware Writer

Archimedes’ Claw

Yo-Yo Dyne Propulsion Systems: Reno Division

Queen of Everything…Renaissance Woman

Articles of Absurdity

I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown

Yeah, yeah. An education award, and I cannot count. I just have too many who deserve the award! To all those who were not named, never fear…This award will come ’round again. I guarantee it.


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  1. You’re killing me. Now I have to figure out how to show a damned award!

  2. And I have to figure out how to WIN one. Being cranky, breathing hell-fire and brimstone, calling the shots as I see them just isn’t enough to attract enough stalkers and crazy commentators. Lorre is right, we all need some of them, although the tantalizing colour of those educated shoes is enough to give anyone a wakeup call to the world of naughty! Oh, yeah..and… hm..saying stuff to strangers can be kind of fun… hehe….

    • Stick around here, Ray, and I am sure some will follow you to your place. You would be A.M.A.Z.E.D. how many people leave here through Gravatar to see what other bloggers are saying at their places. And it is fun! Red.

    • And I am wearing my educational shoes today for a bite to eat before the Christmas Eve service 😉

  3. With reverse IPO bots, paid sites where you can back-trace any incoming emails and IPO addresses, it’s getting harder and harder to become truly anonymous online. I truly believe that that’s a very, very good thing. When that threat comes from a 5-foot-2-inch, 125 pound 45-year old living in his mother’s basement, it’s not so scary anymore.

    Great post, Red! The timing couldn’t be better, either. I’d love to be able to post the real pictures, occupations and lifestyles of many of the people who leave comments on social networking sites, then show them to everyone! I bet the Internet would become a more friendly place 😉

  4. Wow Red! I am truly honored. you are surely going on my list of 5. I shall post the award and my own nominees this week,
    Quite bust today cooking a meal for ten…despite being home Alone for the holidays. Sing with me… Tradition! Tradition
    Got your leftovers right here baby.

    Many many thanks and a fab Christmas to you and yours!
    p.s. Also have a stiletto fetish and collection. Nothing makes a gal’s legs look hotter 😉

    • I will be glad to see it when it goes up! You have to love being the leftover creator…so special!

      Merry, merry Christmas to you and all the eaters.

      I will only admit to 100 pairs of shoes. That is all. Anything you hear otherwise, is likely a rumor. 😉 And as short as I am, I get away with the 6″ pump with ease!

  5. Ha! Dig it Red. Am 5’2″ but 15-20 pounds overweight… on a good day. Wear a size 5, which are a bitch to find. This is just one more reason the Internet is my footy friend. Finding a size six is also a bitch, since sometimes it’s the smallest a fab manufacturer makes. Bastards!
    Best part of being short: can wear the kick-ass 8″ heals and my dates are still taller than I am heh.
    –singing- ‘Short people….’
    You go Girlfriend!

    • You have me by an inch, but I have you by a shoe size. I need to send you some links. Razor Barbie has your size. Gianni Bini (the shoe in the award) does, too. I am pretty sure Michael Antonio does. The slingback in the top of the post I KNOW does…it is a Jessica Simpson. I will have to troll around for the post with the rocking silver shoes…I need more coffee. 😉

      I would have to stand on something IN MY SHOES to be taller than Bear. Red.

    • Knew I would find it.

  6. Thanks for the award hun – now I have to figure out how to post it! 🙂

    Christmas is here and I have a tall cold one next to me, so maybe after the holiday – if I can remember! (hic!)

    Love and hugs to you and yours!


    • Be careful! Would not want the whole holiday to be a blur 😉 Stay merry, my friend.

  7. Bugger – forgot the notify flag again! LoL!!!

  8. The higher the heel the naughtier the outfit 🙂 Well something like that anyway 😉 Yes a fine award me thinks and I will visit the blogs that you have highlighted Red 🙂 Have a delisciously naughty rest of Christmas and don’t be too good either, I never am 🙂 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • As short as I am, I would never dream of being caught with flats, except at poolside, and even then, not necessarily 😉 If you participated in such things, I might well have awarded it to you, Andro.
      Make it a good one,

      • Thank you Red,
        I just never have
        taken any part in
        these fine Awards
        but I do see the
        fun side of it all 🙂

        Have a delicious
        rest of evening now 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  9. Wow…it’s like you read my mind. I was all set to comment about getting myself some education shoes….and now….you gave me a pair. Bless you my sister. Thanks so much. Loving the award you created.
    I will get to this as soon as my family allows me some “me” time.
    Thanks again.

    • I will await your “me” time with great anticipation. And you deserve it…as do so many of my fans and followers…and occasionally some of my iggie crowd. There is an advantage to not acting like a roach commenting in public 😉

  10. I LOVE fake awards! How did you know I had more room on my fake trophy shelf? In real life, my trophy shelf has a case of the SADs. Yes, I have a real trophy shelf in my house. And my Hubs let me put one of his many football trophies so mine (which are all based on participation) wouldn’t be so lonely. Ok, I’m going to display this proudly and with gusto. THANKS!

    • Awesome! I love helping out. Now, you can give the squeeze to the loaners on your fake trophy shelf! And you deserve it!


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