If you have not been over to Edward Hotspur’s place to see what the whys and wherefores are for Romantic Monday, you are encouraged (Do you see me with the raised eyebrow, crossed arms and tapping foot?) to do so when the house lights come back up. With no more palaver, Romantic Monday.


One glistening orb shatters on the back of her hand.
It took minutes to fall from her eyelashes.
She rests her elbows on her knees and
Her shoulders softly shake in rhythm with her sobs.
She covers her face with both hands,
Wipes away the pain before it splashes
Emotion on her new clothes, for it stains
All it touches – heart, body, mind and soul.

Drawing a deep breath in, thus forcing
Her spine straight and her slender shoulders back,
She sets off down the hall, quickly seeking
The warm caress of the downy bed, but
She stops just a step short of the threshold.
The fragrance on the cool air is riding.
It grabs her memory and dashes away.

He stands out at the end of the pier.
His voice rises above all others.
From deep in his chest it piques fear,
But in her heart it resonates,
Its tone like satin and so clear.
His stride is long. He waves his arms.
They are destined to meet right here.
Her hat flies away on the wind,

But he is quick and catches it
Before it lands in the high tide.
He is ginger not to crush it.
Demurely thankful eyes meet his.
Her voice, butterfly song quiet,
But the melody plays his heart.
He asks her to wait just a bit,
And she nods without knowing why.

The glowing candlelight flickers
On the table between their plates.
With wine falls away the jitters.
The dance floor beckons with soft rhythm,
And lyrics are lost in whispers
Of substance and sweet nothingness.
The merchant’s window shudders
As the sidewalk stretches toward home.

They hold hands under the porch light
And make plans for another day.
As the moon sets, they kiss goodnight.
He hands her a rose from the bush.
Watching him go, she holds it tight.
The sweet perfume of soft petals
Seals her memories of tonight
And spurs a dream of the future.

Tonight, the perfume is still sweet,
But the flowers are not for her.
She smashes the vase at her feet
And spills the water on the floor.
She knew she would have to compete
With his profession for his time.
Her cries are more than bittersweet
For funeral flowers on her



The entire point to Romantic Monday is to celebrate romance is not dead. I have to admit: It is only not dead because I finally quit trying to kill it. I am sardonically romantic. Bodice rippers top my list of things not to read. 

Fortunately, the parameters of Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday include some other important aspects of romance outside the flowers and chocolates. While poetry and fiction about love are not foreign to me, the darkness in which romance inhabits my writing is likely foreign to the M3 Readers.

If this feature gets a thumbs up from you, we may try on this romantic hat for the month.


Did Mantra get this right? What is your definition of romance? Shall we try this for a month? Who wants to join in the fun and write romance on Mondays to start the week sweetly?

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  1. I am voting for yes! keep it..and I loved this ..very moving, I could feel it.. Glad you put your hat in the romance ring of Romantic Monday…
    <3 Lizzie
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Romantic MDay – The DrawingMy Profile

    • I have a few ideas for this. We shall see where it leads. <3 Glad you like this one, Lizzie. xxx

  2. This was full of desire and darkness, and romance. I love this one! The details and images give it the story arc of the poem, and the ending, wow. Love IT.
    Let’s do it!
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – Anaphoric RideMy Profile

    • This one is prime example of how Mantra’s titles are so often deceptive. That makes two votes for. 😉 xxx

  3. I love the idea, of course, of you continuing. I loved this! Romance is more than just the flowers and the slipper and handwaving the marriage after the wedding. It’s heartache and loss, recovery and redemption, whips and submission, silly flirtations and yes, bodice-rippers. It’s fantasy and fiction, and it’s the first girl or boy you ever kissed.

    P.S. It’s the 6th of November. Your NaNoWriMo numbers are highly intimidating.

    • LOL! That one is for M3’s quest for a million words. We celebrated the blogoversary last week. That is what I wrote here in a year. (Plus the lower one is the books I have published this year.

      I think what shall follow will be a mix of all but the truly flowery bits. I am not so good with that. Glad you made it, Edward.

  4. I am not sure my other comment took.

    I am in favor of, of course. I loved this poem, and I hope you continue.

    And your NaNoWriMo numbers are intimidating.

    • WordPress was assured you were spam. You have been properly rescued and given rights around here.

  5. I liked it, but I’m not necessarily big on romance. Chocolates are always good though!
    Binky recently posted..Presidential Election 2012 Wombie StyleMy Profile

  6. I’m not exactly romantic, but this one was really twanging the heart strings! 🙁

    Poor thing – for a moment I thought her lover had died on her birthday…

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Sunday – my druggy neighbour and Andy the alcoholic visit.My Profile

  7. Funeral flowers on her birthday – that bit got to me.
    Noeleen recently posted..Guilt. GUILTY!My Profile

    • I am very affected by smell. Things which remind me are tactile or olfactory far before auditory or visual. This one really personifies me.

  8. Damn, a day behind, I can be romantic on Tuesdays too though 😉
    Sage Doyle recently posted..“Fay” Post 12My Profile

    • Sage, it would be wonderful for you to join in!

      • Ok just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it!
        Sage Doyle recently posted..“Fay” Post 12My Profile

        • Click the link to Edward’s and grab a graphic. Posts are on Mondays, but there were a few latecomers and newbies this morning. All the destructions for what we do are in that post and again on the Romantic Monday page at his place. 😉 In your first post link to where you learned about the blog hop and to Edward.

  9. Romance is wind whipping through windows at night, cries of loss, redemption of hope, loneliness, dark nights alone.

    Romance is chocolate, draw your own conclusions.

    I love this, it doesn’t force its tongue down our throats.
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Race 2012: The CommonsMy Profile

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