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When we fall in love, it is easy to recite all the things we want. We play our dreams in fast forward inserting Mate into the opposite starring role. Can you hear me asking yet? What do you think happens?

Woe to anyone in a relationship with me. I never read the script. My world is very much ad lib as I have seen no proof the way the world does it works. Needless to say, when I react in a way which is perfectly plausible, albeit sans norm, it can meet with resistance.

Exactly the same, but different.”

Mantra is a minx. (Can you hear her whistling?) She has taken my refusal to recite lines and twisted it ever so slightly.



It is relatively unrecognizable.

You get to play the part of the one without the script. In fact, you get to be the one who has ripped the script into kindling for the romantic fire. Even romantic is not as you remember it. (If you have not seen that one, it will help. Promise.)

Even the title to this one is distinctly not.

Mantra presents this week’s Romantic Monday.

But Not For

I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve been around the block
Enough to know some things.
I want you as tattler.
You’ve seduced quite a few,
And you speak sweet nothings.
I want you to whisper.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You spent most of your life
Chasing down more money.
I want you to spend it.
You’ve played hard ball all day
And scored against the odds.
I want you to forfeit.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve paved the way and back;
The path is free and clear.
I want you all dirty.
You’ve stayed the course, always,
Stopping to help the poor.
I want you that hungry.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve mapped Happy Acres,
Leveled Depression Falls.
I want you to wander.
You’ve climbed to the summit,
Drunk in the scenery.
I want you down, under.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve breathed air of freedom,
Savored love unfettered.
I want you bound, uptight.
You’ve been the rock leant on,
The anchor in the storm.
I want you to hold tight.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve saved the desperate
From their calamities.
I want you stumbling.
You’ve shored up protection
When tempests came to call.
I want you trembling.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve sung with angels,
Melodies filled with hope.
I want you singing blues.
You’ve kept loads of secrets
And forgiven their lies.
I want you all untrue.
I want you, but not for what you think.

You’ve shone light in the dark,
A beacon for the lost.
I want you to not see.
You’ve kept your promises,
So, grant me this request.
I want you to break me.

I want you, but not for what you think.



If you have not already been by, traipse on over to Edward Hotspur’s place to see the diverse interpretations of romantic for this week’s Romantic Monday. Last week’s choices included musical posts, love letters, poetry and prose, flowers and chocolates and, well, not. A little something for everyone.

Join in the fun or merely stop by to rubberneck the other entries.



Do you read the script? Does Mate? Should either of you? What is your approach when you want to do something new or a different way?

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  1. I’m about to write my script. In it Mate has more sense than the average rock, and I never have to repeat myself. Romantic Monday may be beyond my capabilities… this may take a while to come up with.

    Why does this keep telling me I’m offline so I can’t get my link to show up?

    • No clue why it says you are offline…hmm. As to the script, you may have romantic by the tail and just do not know it. *grins*

  2. OK let me get this straight I can post straight to FB from M3 but I’m offline? I so love the annoyances of the Internet.

    • Hahaha! That is grand!

      • Well, isn’t that nice of it. Maybe I’ll be online by the time my attempt at Romantic Monday goes live. That’ll give me two blog posts in one, I may actually learn to keep up with at least one of them.

        I wonder what else I lost when I un-installed Chrome because it wasn’t working and put in Firefox. I know I lost two books that’d I currently be taking notes for to start over completely.
        Laurie recently posted..All Nighters Yet AgainMy Profile

        • We will have to talk about Chrome not working. I rarely find the advice of uninstalling and reinstalling to be sound. Do not even get me started on FF. We could be here a long time.

          • I despise FF almost as much as IE, but I couldn’t get Chrome to do anything. Of course I’ve had that problem with every other browser too, the whole point of going to Chrome was that it actually displayed pages properly. Just my luck it stopped working when I needed it to the most.

            And once again I appear to be back offline but I was online for the last one……I may be in an alternate universe here.

          • Confused. And you are online enough to comment… Inbox me what stopped working. I will see if I can help you fix it.

          • OK I’ll inbox you as soon as I can my mind to work to get it all down. My Romantic Monday attempt is live for amusement.


            What?? It wouldn’t let me log in to post it……it’s doing it at it’s own will.

          • Are you using WP (Gravatar) or FB to sign in here? If you use FB, that will go away.

        • Laurie

           /  November 19, 2012

          that may be part of the problem, I can’t find the login screen…..uggh

        • This post is a cautionary tale to me, who was thinking to install Chrome (which Chris didn’t like), and if I didn’t like it, I’d go for Firefox. Guess I’ll stick with what I have, unromantic though it is. Apparently all browsers have ONE trait in common with romance…frequently infuriating.

  3. I don’t know what happens…
    or how…
    or why.
    I’m just grateful every day that mate puts up with my script.
    spilledinkguy recently posted..Nine-Gallon SplatMy Profile

    • Grateful is always good. 😉 I am sure Annabelle appreciates it! Great to see you today, SIG.

  4. I never plan anything and so it is likened to a blank canvas just waiting to be enjoyed, a vision that entices the inner fantasies and creates the sweetness of temptation, delving into the darkness and lighting the way to a deeper and more exciting adventure.

    Loving and living are just too precious to squander on a samey existence, it has to be electric, a feeling of pure delight and a yearning to explore every touch.

    One has to be creative, discovering what it is to feel excitement beyond the norm but always with love as the plain of invention is vast and yet the learning of such experiences feed the moment.

    Well something like that anyway…

    Have a lovely evening Red 🙂 😉

    Andro xxx

    • In the discovery comes the delight. Savoring the journey is as enjoyable as finding a new path to venture along in search of nothing more than one another. That, my friend, is the subject of another post altogether. 😉 I hope you are having a lovely night.

      • I am enjoying reading your postings, and as you cover every subject matter with such finesse I find it unbelievable that you have the Follies on any day of the week.

        Thank you for always adding such fine reads my great friend, indeed it is a pleasure calling by your Space as you are very creative in whatever you set your mind to 🙂

        Have a happy evening Red 🙂

        Andro xxx

  5. If the other person would just be who you want them to be, it would be a whole lot easier!
    Binky recently posted..Lethal Arts of WombaniaMy Profile

  6. I used to be unpredictable. Then my unpredictability became predictable.
    Bearman Cartoons recently posted..Twinkie The Kid’s Last Ride CartoonMy Profile

  7. Haven’t used a script since I was 17.
    Except for the gallantry. I play that to the hilt.

  8. Mantra’s melody was wonderful, exciting, and intriguing tonight, Red. I understand her, and yet I want to know more. I was so surprised by the ending, I went back to read more. “I want you, but not for what you think.” “I want you singing blues.” This is the most powerful line in the poem for me. Mantra doesn’t want the man who built Rome, but the man who will dismantle it and come to her naked and hot, bidding her desire to be broken by him. We break people by taming them, or by assaulting their senses. We break them by destroying the strength that acts as a wall to intimacy. We break them and annihilate them sexually. I love Mantra’s take on romantic Monday this week, Red. Thank you so much!
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – TransferenceMy Profile

    • I like what you got from this one. The last line is one I am holding close to the vest. I attempted to edit the verb, but no matter where I took it intellectually, it came back there. I may have to tip my hand as to what it means. xxx

  9. Andro, my dear friend – I love your sentiments about life, love, and the electricity of desire. Your thoughts echoed with mine, as to what I desire. I don’t even have the capability of doing everyday things the same each day, never mind matters of love and lust. I like a full meal, and by that I don’t mean meat and potatoes every night!
    Gail Thornton recently posted..Poem – TransferenceMy Profile

  10. I want you to break me.

    Of course it is up to the reader to interpret but after reading this does not seem to fit. Still thinking about it.


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