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Extra Large Coffee CupWhat a wild, expletive-filled week this has been. Some amazing things have come from it, and there is an antsy orang who wants the keyboard. the air is crisp and cool. Grab a cuppa and snuggle into a rocker. Let’s talk.

M3 Assorted Business

Yes, the Wordless(ish) Wednesday featured fractals are on track to return. I have been busy drawing lately, so the number of fractals has been proportionately decreased. I do have some scheduled to begin this Wednesday coming.

There will be some turbulence to the posting schedule until my new laptop arrives. Currently, I am typing this post without having a screen to view it. I broke the hinge on my laptop, and the screen occasionally whites itself out. Fortunately, I know what I am typing… even without letters on my keys.

Meet Mantra on Mondays!

Meet Mantra on Mondays!

I may have to break down and post from my other CrackBerry. Seems if Mantra can like it, I can learn to like it.

Speaking of the impish fairy, she has been on hiatus for a while. I found out where yesterday. Her return is imminent. What will be appearing here will likely not look anything whatsoever like her next book.


Speaking of books… My book on publishing, which is now quite overdue, will be ready shortly. Mantra’s next book is much fuller than I thought it would be at this juncture. Its publication may well come sooner than its originally scheduled August release (as an anniversary addition to MFM and MBS). Plus, the sequel to DI is steaming along, pun fully intended, nicely for its release in March.

Personally Speaking

Tha Mardi Gras tree and decorations are up. Oh, land’s sakes how gaudy and perfect! There will only be a post if there is interest in such things.

Right Turn, Clyde!

Right turn, Clyde.

Right turn, Clyde.

In the aftermath of this week’s Fuck the Dumb Shit post, Clyde observed some behaviors from the humans participating in and discussing the entire affair.

Both sides of the issue weighed in on the questions. There was a split vote on whether avoiding the appearance of impropriety superseded the duty to act as a friend. The only thing all of the voters for appearance had in common were skeletons who had not been out of the closet to dance in a while. Seems all of them had been in a situation where either they were guilty or accused of impropriety in a similar or dissimilar situation.

Those who voted for friendship above all else were so diverse as to have nothing more than their votes in common.

Very few people answered the question about gender lines with yes. The only anecdotal caveat to these answers was more than 60% of those who answered have best friends of the opposite gender from their sexual orientation and felt no one would accuse them of impropriety in the first place.

Is that your final answer?

The last question sparked the most interest and varied hypotheses. Beyond the ones in the comments, the top answers were: insecurity, immaturity, jealousy, inadequacy and stupidity.


Nearly everyone finds drama offensive, except for the thespians who continually produce it. Mind you, they are not paid for their ministrations. They labor at the parapets of stages and martyr’s crosses the world over without compensation. They believe the service they provide should garner laudatory restitution from all those who witness it.

Do be aware, they are not volunteers. Their public mourning and self-righteous moral indignation are their life calling. They can do no other. Therein is the rub.

Under close scrutiny, the fact these dramatists have no underlying, marketable or self-sustaining skills becomes demonstrably clear. Their renditions of facts, half-truths and lies are the only thing they have to offer beyond the value of the reputation they sacrifice on the altar of attention.

It is truly an altar to them. They seek out prey to sacrifice on it. They dress up their renditions to mollify or incite the audience to do their bidding. They create enough spin on the situation for themselves to look blameless in the affair or to be the victim of their sacrifice.

Hold on just one cotton-picking minute.

Those sound like marketable skills.

(Pauses for effect.)

The truth of the matter is if drama kings and queens put their skills to use in the (public relations, entertainment, recruiting) job market, what they exceed at would be expected, routine and not more praiseworthy than drawing a paycheck. Those who labor are not idolized by their co-workers for their abilities. Likewise, their employers are not going to be daily thankful for being in the presence of someone who has the ability to manufacture drama. A mere paycheck is insufficient to fill the gaping void left from vomiting out the drama du jour. After all, how much is pouring one’s soul into a panic over a non-emergency really worth?

The Orang Way

Orangutan males are solitary except when it is time to breed, where they will follow a fertile female around for a few weeks to impregnate her. During the foraging times between, males practice avoidance but will turn to conflict when shows of force are insufficient to deter another solitary male.

Although their territories overlap, the viable females are fair game until paired and the food stores are available to all of the animals; orangutans do not mark their territories. Rather than define a finite space to keep cordoned by force, which is a waste of resources, the solitary animals live and let live to continue to populate and maintain the species.

Enter Ape

Humans’ lives are woven with one another in a tapestry, a juxtaposition of silky smooth threads against jute crossed by lumpy woolen strands. While each are threads in their own right, no two are precisely alike nor fit together snugly. Where the colors of the fabric are not complimentary, seeing the ill fit is more obvious; however, when a dark green angora strand wraps around a pale yellow mohair strand, we are less likely to notice the gaps between them.

The end product would be stronger should each piece run parallel to the next without struggling to push another beneath it or away from it. A social group moving in one direction crossing the lives of others strengthens by the life lessons taught weaving through those lives. When one member of the group wraps up the others, the ensuing knot cannot pass smoothly through the weft. The puckering shortens other strands in both directions; in truth, it shortens other lives.

It is a wonder humans continue to survive as a species.

It is enough to make an ape wonder.

Until the next time the ape takes the keyboard,

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What is difficult about living alongside someone? What motivates us to meddle in the lives of others? Is there a more productive use of our time and resources?

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  1. Whacked someone upside the head with your laptop did you… :p I don’t mind not seeing the keyboard or the screen, but I do like to look occasionally and to make sure my fingers have been hitting the right keys.

    I have no problem living alongside someone else. The reverse has not always been true, however.

    • What a gratifying thought! 😛 When I wake it up in the morning, I look to see whatever it was I typed the night before.

      I know there are many who claim to be incapable of living side-by-side. I liken them to kraken.

  2. How in heaven’s name do you type error-free without a screen.
    I’d say that was some sort of magic trick.. You sound busy, busy…and brilliant ….as always.
    Barb recently posted..Women, Booze and the Homefront: 1943My Profile

    • Welcome back, Barb!! So terrific to see you tonight. I have been typing without looking for ages. I wore the letters off my keys in the first eight months. There are grooves in the keys where my fingernails hit them. 😉 I will drop by soon and see what you have been up to writing. I have missed you! <3

  3. Looks like the O’s have much to be emulated by man.

  4. Nice to see things are a bit better hun – I hope your new lappy arrives soon! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Saturday – A body is found…My Profile

  5. It is a relevant question you ask, how indeed does the human race continue to survive. We do not seem to be a highly intelligent lot.

    It seems with all the drama surrounding some of us we could at least sell tickets, I suspect we could win Oscars, well maybe at least Globes. I tire, worn out aren’t you?

    • I certainly wish I held the ticket concession for the drama which plays upon my stage without my consent. At least, I feel I should be getting rent for the space. Aye, exhausted in the truest sense of the word. xxx

  6. Common/Bare-nosed wombats like to live alone in their burrows most of the time. It eliminates most of the drama and problems humans have. I think more people should try it.
    Binky recently posted..Online Super HeroMy Profile

  7. I think it’s best to corral the thespians, and let them weave their webs in a specified area.
    That has doors that can be closed on them.
    El Guapo recently posted..Angry Doesn’t Describe It.My Profile

  8. I hate to say we will never get it right. The question is when was the last time? I cannot recall.
    Tess Kann recently posted..Dust to DustMy Profile

  9. Well, I have not clicked on Saturday Evening Post so far because I thought it might just be something related to the magazine. But now I know I am missing the true renderings from your writing heart. I will frequent TSEP more often now.
    Joe Owens recently posted..Daily Prompt – All It’s Cracked Up To BeMy Profile

  10. Red, love the new Impish Fairy and your creative artistic talents 🙂 And hope the new laptop has arrived.. I know I surprised myself the other day as I carried on typing not looking at the keyboard.. 🙂 But doubt I could carry on with no screen to view my constant typo mistakes..

    And is there a more productive side to our use of time and resources?

    On viewing the world its a shame more people do not live in their own Moments of ‘Time’ and enjoy their own lives more, instead of meddling in others..
    I feel saddened that their own lives must be so dull that they feel the need to poke their noses in, making judgements, and name calling etc..

    Sending you love and Blessings Dear Red. xox
    Sue Dreamwalker recently posted..Vibrating As One!My Profile


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