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Exciting. Frenzied. Thrilling. These are the palpable words to describe this week. Being associated with such dynamic people makes this nothing like a job. Grab a cuppa. Snuggle in. The moon is rising earlier than expected. Let’s talk.


15,000 is a popular number this week. Remember the yearly goal of 15,000 comments? At the time of this writing (just after Friday Follies went live), there are 15,733 comments on M3. In all the excitement these last two weeks, I completely forgot to check on it. We have officially blown it out of the water despite concerns just two months ago we would not hit it before 01NOV12.

The other 15,000 was not an official goal, but helps with the follow up to the numbers and rankings SEP from two weeks ago. You have all seen the flag box titled Patriots and Ex-Pats. In 2012, M3 has acquired over 15,000 American visitors. This was very unexpected. 1,000 new Americans came to M3 since the Alexa and Google post. Please accept my sincere thanks for all of the G+ shares and tweets. They have made all the difference.

500,000 is the next number to report. Even with a post failure, M3 reached the official halfway point on the Million Word Meter on Thursday. For everyone who thinks seeing it move is taking forever, remember the math: 1% = 10,000 words. For the handful of original M3 Readers (who have been here for all of the posts), at the close of this post, you will have read the equivalent of ten 330-page books on M3.

Despite some roller coaster dips in traffic (namely a 30% drop in traffic on weekends), traffic is climbing slightly. Next week, WordPress hits will top 100,000. (Remember, traffic from G+ and other sources are not counted.) Independent counters have us this week at 130,000. Hits including bots (which completely explains the Indian ranking) is nearly 360,000. How do less than 1,000 of them do that? Internet must be far faster there than here. Ugh.

AOL and Bing have finally become regular referrers to M3. This is compliments of some of the newer M3 Readers. Perhaps, we can coax a few of them out into the comments. There are two or three I may resort to shaming on social media to get their participation. (If I am talking about you, you are blushing.)

Spam Bot

Friday Follies has been so brimming full we have not had a spam report (and only one honorable mention) in more than two months. Since the move, there have been almost 8,000 spam comments caught in the wiggler net. A little over 200 of them have gotten through to annoy me. I am overjoyed with how well the non-spambot tick box works.


I have been quiet about furniture rearranging with the sole exception of the Flash in the Pan page. It lives on the lower menu bar right beside Friday Follies. Four other bloggers are in on the challenge. One of the books being offered free in the Redmund launch will be a compilation of all of the Flash in the Pan entries. The deadline to make the first edition is 30SEP12.

Have you tried flash? Give it a whirl. Some of the authors in the FTP are trying their hand at flash fiction for the first time. Look at the poll…everyone says it is fun to read. All of the words available through the end of the run are listed on the page.

The Trophy Room got a face lift. There are some awards which I need to hand out, but those will probably wait at least a week.

Welcome Home! also got a face lift. For those of you who know the basics, the updates have been moved to their own page. WH will give you the newest update date. If you have not read the M3 news, that is where to find it.

This is the last week for the Networked Blogs widget. It will be moving next week to a new home in the Green Room. If you have not been to the Green Room to meet the new bloggers, you have votes to cast. When the next update to the Green Room is done, the Alumni Club will get its new members and an overhaul. (Writes note to self to schedule a nap for Thursday.)

The overhaul of the Coffee Shoppe has been postponed. On the launch of Redmund, the Library will be moving to the new site. The Coffee Shoppe will remain for weekly features. The executive decision was ratified: No working twice.

The new poll will go up tomorrow. It is not the normal modus operandum; however, you will play a part in deciding the navigability of M3’s new look.

Redmund & Books

Tentatively, there are slots for 7 more books for the launch. I am fortunate to already be laying out the first book. I am getting excited. This weekend will be reading the manuscripts to see who will be paired for editing.

All facets of Mantra for a Muse are on track. I now only await the Library of Congress certification to laying out the cover. I need it before I can determine the final thickness of the book, which drastically affects the size and bleed of the cover. I may as well add here… I love the cover.

The trailer is complete! Have you seen it? What? What do you mean you have not seen it? Oh, right. You are not on even one of my social media. Hmm. What is up with that, exactly? Oh, fine. We will wait for you.

No, I am not excited at all. Can’t you tell by how fast I am typing?

Right Turn, Clyde!

Right turn, Clyde.

After the beating in the Friday Follies last night, Clyde only has a few points to cover:

1. Never believe the bad ink. More often than not, it can be traced to stupidity or jealousy.

2. Suck the marrow out of every moment. Live right now. (Borrowed from Mantra…in the book.)

3. Shake the lantern. When you are not so sure you have what it takes to get through the next five minutes, shake the lantern and listen to Mantra sing. It is worth being still to recharge your creative spirit and your heart.

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend.

Until next time,
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Tell me about your week. Then, tell me you liked the video. And if you didn’t, just tell me about your week. Then, share it with someone who might like it even one 100th as much as I do.

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  1. WOW. What vibe – I’ve got to say again!! You seem to LIVE on adrenaline, Red, I don’t know how you do it!… though I suspect it’s got something to do with making goals & blowing them out of the water 🙂

    Congrats on goals reached.
    And I loved Clyde’s 3 points to motivate, inspire. ‘Shake the Lantern’ is a curious one, but “don’t believe the bad ink’ REALLY talks to me 🙂

    Congrats too, on another successful week in your life 🙂
    Noeleen recently posted..You say ‘potatO’; I say ‘Frontal Lobotomy’My Profile

    • I really is about keeping my eye on the ball. This is a middle step to where I want to be. I am not going to scrimp on the middle on the way to the brass ring 😉 Shake the Lantern is really about remembering the inner creativity, the inner child, the knower of no limitations. Mine just happens to have a name. Handy, that. <3

  2. Brilliant!!! 🙂

    I loved the video – Cat is such a good singer!!! 🙂

    With all the talented folks taking part, how can you fail! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    prenin recently posted..Friday – A chapter a day…My Profile

    • Pren, that is precisely the idea I want everyone in the project to keep in mind… TALENT. We all have loads and buckets of it. If we are all heading in the same direction, there is nothing to stand in our way. Nothing. {HUGZ} Red.

  3. As always my dear and darling sister, you are my hero. I am in awe. I kowtow to your constant energy!

    You are the Queen!
    Valentine Logar recently posted..What I sayMy Profile

  4. Sounds like a nice busy productive run!
    El Guapo recently posted..Friday Foolishness – Breaking News EditionMy Profile

    • It has been almost non-stop. I keep rereading my note for Thursday 🙂 Great to see you tonight, Guapo.

  5. My week? I’m still smiling. The trailer — Bravo, I love it.

  6. My week was…pretty ok. I think. I was agitatd most of it.. but there were happy parts too…


    I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!!!!

    You are amazing.. more in 5 minutes I swear it!
    <3 Lizzie MuAH!
    Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Thirty Years Ago,My Profile

    • *Wonders what happened to Lizzie’s watch* Whistles Dixie…

      • my watch? ohhhhhhh haha ha…ha yea I meant you do more in five minutes ..ya know..then I do in a week. that thingy… Yea I can see how leaving out a few words might have possibly changed the whole thing…however, IF I had meant id be back in 5 mins…or more in 5 mins.. then if it was a watch telling Lizzie Time… who the heck knows what that really means? although most assuredly it wouln;t be this long.

        I fixed my computer. 😀 nothing like duct tape gum and a coathanger and we are back in business …can you say Lizzie MCGUYVER???? anyone? 😀
        Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Magpie’s TreasureMy Profile

        • Awesome! Madamoiselle McGuyver it is 😉 ROFL!

          • duct tape and gum seem redundant but they are the best.. the coat hanger is just for looks 😉
            Lizzie Cracked recently posted..Magpie’s TreasureMy Profile

          • That is what I get for decrying my Mommie Dearest title…not a wire coat hanger in the entire house. Or is that why I put keyless entry on everything? Hmm.

  7. We won’t talk about my week but the trailer… what a beautiful feel. Bravo, Momma! Cat, you are awesome!
    Tcub recently posted..A ridiculous system part 2My Profile

  8. I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m trying to keep her away from you!
    Binky recently posted..Self Improvement TipsMy Profile

  9. so far I have shared it proudly with everyone I know and they are ooooohhhhing and aaaaaaahing all over the place!!!!
    the entire video abounds with beauty and joy!!
    I am in awe of the scope and energy of your talent and skill!!!

    LOVE Cat’s music!!!

    BuddhaKat recently posted..Cracked, but never broken…My Profile

    • I am merely surrounded by the most talented people in the blogosphere…even if I needed to drag some of them here to play 😉

  10. Congrats….though I have no idea what any of those numbers really mean. I should take a class or something. I only check my wordpress stats page and don’t know which of them are real or fake.
    Bearman recently posted..Oktoberfest TshirtsMy Profile

    • LOL! Stay tuned to the SEP. I will explain them all by the time we are done. 🙂


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