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P is for Price

In a sea of numbers (ISBN, pages, words), price is the most important number an author assigns to a book. Both ends of the spectrum have the same result: No sales.

O is for OOP


No, no. There is no misspelling. OOP. It is an official classification. You have to ask yourself, Why would anyone do it?

K is for Kenspeckle

letter k

Sure, we could have picked out some other words, but this one is far more important than the rest. If you (and your book) are not kenspeckle, you will not sell one copy.

H is for Help

Letter H

How many times have you heard, Writing is a solitary task.? To a degree it is true. Duet typing is overrated. Getting the Magic 8 Ball out to decide when to ask for help may be to blame for the quote.

F is for Fiction

Letter F

Storytellers of the world bring us the greatest and worst fiction we have ever read. Part of the difference is how one decides what is fiction and what is not. In this case, we will agree with the tomatoes. Fiction is a story about imaginary people, places or events. It is complete license to lie, […]