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Prompt: Character Sketch of Me

Pink Cannondale mountain bike

All of the pertinent details of my newest character in a supporting role for a book: me.

Prompt: My Shrink’s Opinion


Sitting across the desk from my shrink, with her nodding head and eraser in her mouth, I realize how cool mental telepathy would be. I would know what she is thinking.

Prompt: The Movie I Starred In

Marquee starring Red Dwyer

Leave it to me to poll my social media for the title of the movie I starred in… The top ten answers all had XXX ratings. The next ten were more fitting with this venue.

Prompt: Weapon of Choice

Wing shot

Greg forlornly looked into the eyes of his reflection and wondered what he was thinking when he agreed to this duel. “Old man, you have stepped knee-deep into this one, and, you, here with no waders.” He sighed and headed out to face the music.

Prompt: Rock, Paper, Scissors

water tower at dawn

The three of them were out like they were every weekend. It was her idea, as always, but they were going to have a good time if history had anything to say about it.