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Prompt: Patience

Autistic children

You have heard the adage for the majority of your life: Patience is a virtue. Horse pucky.” ~ Sherman Potter

Prompt: My Restaurant

black tablecloth

I adore excellent food; however, the menu in my ideal restaurant had to take a back seat to some of the other key factors which make it the place I would want to eat every meal of every day.

Prompt: Create A Holiday

holiday ecard

With thousands of holidays cluttering a calendar with only 365 days, finding a celebratory cause which was not already claimed was a mite tough.

Prompt: My Warning Label

contents under pressure

Have you ever wondered what label your friends would put on you so others would know what to expect? Wouldn’t you know it? I asked.

Prompt: It Needs a Drive-Thru

Chevrolet Silverado

In a 24/7 culture, one would reasonably presume all businesses would be convenient for their customers. In reality, this concept suffers in practice. A good way to bridge the gap would be for some businesses to simply install a drive thru window.